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About Inspire Tribe

About Inspire Tribe

InspireTribe founders Nikk and Yolande Hughes are experts in the field of conscious acceleration and are passionate about mindset and the massive impact that small, critical shifts in thinking can create.

 They have a proven track record working with committed entrepreneurs, leaders and companies achieving outstanding results. This is achieved by giving each individual’s potential an opportunity to create success simply through changing their thinking patterns and strategies.

The list is ever growing but in it’s first five years, Inspire Tribe worked with leaders, teams and individuals from a whole range of SME’s, a number of franchises, Endota, Jim’s, and Hire a Hubby to name a few and a range of national institutions including National Australia Bank, Grant Thornton, Telstra, Citrix, CSC, Bosch and more.

Nikk and Yolande offer outstanding mindset mentoring programmes mixing the latest neuroscience research with knowledge from great leaders and their own leading edge Conscious Evolution insights.  The outcomes include improved critical thinking, significantly enhanced resilience, dramatically improved levels of engagement and  transformational increases in emotional intelligence levels.

Their programmes are logical, easy to implement and provide participants with deep insights into themselves and their leadership styles.  Mindset mentoring is available for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Teams through 1:1 mentoring and various group programmes and immersions.

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