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Relationship & Marriage Coaching

Regain Your Emotional Maturity

InspireTribe’s Relationship Counselling Service is something that’s truly unique. That’s because we include coaching & mentoring to assists couples with identifying the critical negative patterns within their relationship and we provide strategies to resolve them. Through Marriage and Couples Counselling you are able to make thoughtful and conscious decisions about rebuilding your relationship or if the need be, ending the relationship on amicable terms.

Enhancing Relationships

Issues within relationships, whether be it short or long term, married or defacto, can become problematic, especially when you seem to be going around in circles and not able to solve or salvage things that are important to you. Our process helps you and your partner by:

Learning how to speak honestly to each other

Helping you to understand where your partner is coming from and the reasons behind their thoughts

Understanding the simple process that sees you regularly finding common ground

Knowing how and when to acknowledge the times when your partner could be right

Understanding your personal boundaries and how best to share them

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Rejuvenate Your Emotional Connection

InspireTribe’s Relationship Counselling Services can simply be about improving communication in your relationship so that you can take your marriage from average to good or from very good to extraordinary. Our aim is to help you and your partner feel safe, joyful and fulfilled within your relationship. By improving your connection to each other, often you will find that you are less stressed and more equipped with issues when they arise.

Couples Counselling

Couples coaching helps to improve the quality of your connection. Couples coaching explores communication issues, holding the tension that arises well and knowing what to do with it, issues with trust and the importance of honesty, commitment and shared responsibilities as well as mutual support.

Marriage Counselling

Marriage coaching helps to identify and resolve conflict within your relationship and in turn improve your marriage. Our coaches will address all family difficulties, intimacy concerns, anger management, trust issues and communication breakdowns.

Some Common Issues Our Counsellors Can Assist With:

InspireTribe’s Relationship Counselling programs offer key solutions to reconnect you and your partner through a better understanding of yourselves and then of each other. It would be worthwhile contacting us to find out more if you require assistance with:

  • Uncertainty around the future of your relationship
  • Issues with the lack of intimacy or physical connection
  • Effects of past relationships affecting your current one
  • Problems from your childhood that are affecting your life and relationships
  • Extramarital affairs both recent or in the past that are having an impact on your relationship
  • Emotional affairs both in person and online
  • Financial stress
  • Emotional stress
  • External issues such as gambling, drinking or emotional eating
  • Issues surrounding the expected or recent arrival of a child
  • Controlling behaviours both verbal and emotional abuse
  • Issues with step children or in-laws
  • Anger management

InspireTribe’s Approach to Relationship Counselling

It’s natural to feel nervous about seeing a relationship coach for the first time. But our team of experienced coaches take pride in using a positive approach to relationship and marriage counselling. We believe great relationships benefit and grow from an external perspective.

It’s important to note that we really understand the problems and perspectives of you both.

We know that relationship challenges affect not just our most significant relationships but all our relationships. That’s because the challenges we experience come from conscious or unconscious patterns that play out in other aspects of our lives too. So in working on your relationship you are growing across multiple areas of your life!

How to Make Relationship Counselling a Success

You may not even be sure if you want this relationship to work, that’s what keeps many people away from seeking help. In our coaching room that’s ok. Honesty is the best place to start! Our philosophy is to find the path that will see both individuals feeling great within themselves and great within the relationship – whatever form it may end up taking. You will both end up with an even more connected and wonderful relationship or you will both feel good about choosing to end it. Either way, you will feel significantly better after working with us.

That’s why it’s important that you embark on your relationship counselling journey with an open mind and positive mindset.

  • So, what else can you do to increase the chance of success?
  • Be honest with your partner and counsellor
  • Complete any homework tasks given to you by your counsellor
  • Listen with an open mind and avoid judging your partner for speaking up
  • Allow time for it to work and be patient during the process

Couples Counselling

If you and your partner need help working through problems in your relationship, engaging the help of a trained couples counsellor is often the most effective way to make progress and rebuild your relationship.

Whatever your relationship status, our relationship, couples or marriage counselling sessions will help you to connect more deeply and emotionally with your partner. For more information or to schedule a consultation with a qualified counsellor, contact InspireTribe on 1300 663 003.


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