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Executive Coaching Melbourne

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Our executive coaches work with executives, senior leaders and business professionals in Melbourne to help them succeed.

Every leader hits a roadblock at some point in their life.

You may be stuck, unsure how to progress to the next level. Your career may feel stagnant, or your management style may be ill-matched to the results you want to see. Maybe you are successful in one area of your life, but not in others. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, an executive coach is here to help you find your focus.

Our executive coaches in Melbourne help leaders regain their motivation, and confidence, and achieve greater satisfaction with their career and professional life, relationships, and whatever other areas of their life they want to achieve success in.

With years of experience in executive career coaching in Melbourne, we are well-equipped to handle the common struggles experienced by senior leaders and executives, as well as the personal challenges you may be facing (personal and professional).

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Nikk Hughes

Nikk Hughes is a born leader and entrepreneur. From early on, she embarked on a truly diverse career that started with co-founding Vision Finance, an award-winning mortgage broking business.

Nikk was already successful, but she wanted more: more satisfaction, more challenges, and more understanding about how someone could be truly happy.

Having a thirst for personal development for the last 20 years, she has invested significant time and energy in courses and training, learning the ‘how’ of transformational personal development from a number of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.


Yolande Hughes

Yolande’s career has been exclusively focused on people and their potential, resulting in her highly specialized skill set. She has worked in corporate environments in both Sydney and Melbourne recruiting, coaching, mentoring and training – in a range of industries including leading international hotels, an internationally renowned business management school, and Australia’s leading recruitment company, Hudson.

This background, along with years of additional education, has given her an uncanny ability to read and understand people. This led to her rapid rise as a high-profile coach. Today she shares insights with her clients to move them to new heights as well as ground them with a logical and structured approach to change.


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Emotional Intelligence – The Key To Successful Leadership Development

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been identified by many as one of the most important factors for leadership and success. Better control over one’s emotional state, better decision-making and conflict resolution, and the ability to communicate with and inspire others – all of these are essential for leadership and can be obtained by honing one’s emotional intelligence skills.

Business is all about relationships: to be successful, executives must have the ability to effectively work with key stakeholders and influence them.

To help you develop your emotional intelligence and management skills, the Inspire Tribe has developed the unique EQ Code, which allows us to depersonalize, codify and focus on human behavior. Using symbols to shed human bias, our tailored program can help to shift unhelpful thinking and old paradigms, thus shifting behaviour to create sustainable, successful change.

To lead, you need to have a better understanding of yourself and others. Our CEO interview coaching coaches will ensure that you have everything you need for success.

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The First Session

No two of our clients are the same – that’s why we use our unique EQ Code and other strategies to come up with a personalized management coaching Melbourne program for you.

We’ll spend our initial meeting getting to know what it is you want to get out of senior executive coaching and if our expert coaches can get you there. Each personal executive coach has a different style; some may resonate with you more than others.

Some of the things we’ll cover include during senior executive mentoring:

  • What CEO coaching outcomes are you looking for?
  • What executive coaching is (and isn’t)
  • Your personal executive coach’s experience, and how that relates to your goals
  • What support and skills you need to develop
  • An introduction to the EQ Code
  • A plan for the next few months, if you want to continue working with us

If you decide that we’re a good match, great! We’ll get to work, going through your program at your own pace. We work with you for a minimum of six months to ensure that you get the most benefit – after all, change doesn’t happen overnight!

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The Difference Coaching Can Make

Coaching is the key to creating a more mindful leader. It can be hard to see ourselves objectively; we may have solid goals and plans, but we may be going in the wrong direction.

An insightful coach can make all the difference, providing you with an expert outside opinion that will help you see yourself and your abilities more clearly. As someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, they can help you lay out an effective plan to get you there.

Executive coaching is great for both those that are new to their role and senior executives alike, helping you to enhance your executive presence and create the professional life you’ve always wanted.

Executive Coaches

What Does an Executive Coach Do?

Executive coaches are experienced and highly trained professionals who work with CEOs, executive leaders, senior managers, and other high-level leadership staff to enhance performance. They are usually people who have achieved something that you would like to achieve and know how to coach others toward their goals.

A supportive CEO coaching program mentor can help you on your journey towards self-improvement, helping you make progress toward your goals. Leadership roles can be lonely at times, but you can always know that your business executive mentoring expert is in your corner.

CEO coaching training pros don’t give you the answers; rather, they help you ask the right questions and guide you in the right direction.

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What is The Difference Between Leadership Coaching And Executive Coaching?

To put it simply, leadership coaching melbourne is only one aspect of an executive coaching program. Business executive mentoring or coaching involves a number of other skills: decision-making, leading in times of change, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, training and mentoring emerging leaders, and personal challenges that you may be facing in your role or in other areas of your life.

Executive mentoring in Melbourne is an investment usually provided to the CEO, vice president, C-Suite, and executive staff. At the same time, anyone tasked to lead people in your organization may benefit from leadership training.

We offer executive coaching, professional development courses, CEO career coaching depending on your needs and the demands of your role.

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