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Our story

After more than a decade of coaching leaders and individuals, Nikk and Yolande Hughes recognized that problems did not result from a lack of planning or a lack of talented people – but an abundance of people problems, small and large.

Most leaders have a plan, and often a good one. The people in their organizations are capable and usually talented. So why were so many companies not growing or achieve the leader’s vision? What was the common pattern of frustrating progress?

The answer – people problems, micro and macro. Most people are simply not aware of their internal ‘quirks’, the things that trigger actions that lead to less than optimal outcomes. Quirks, big and small, that directly affect the progress or disrupt the cohesiveness that is needed for fast, collective progress.

The higher our human awareness the higher our emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the sum of learned life experiences, the things that make us who we are, including our biases. So why has human emotional intelligence not grown at the same speed as information technology or other artificial intelligence? The answer is simple – they had a code, a series of ones and zeros that resulted in a known and defined consistent answer. Eureka!

Nikk and Yolande set out to codify emotional intelligence and created the EQ Code. The EQ Code is so logical and simple it cannot be intellectually dismissed, helping to shift people’s thinking and feelings to unlock their whole person and unleash the collective intelligence of their organizations and teams. It includes the missing critical element of all human relationships – a known common framework that removes ‘quirks’ caused by human bias to foster communication and collaboration.


Nikk Hughes

Nikk Hughes is a born leader and entrepreneur. From early on, she embarked on a truly diverse career that started with co-founding Vision Finance, an award-winning mortgage broking business.

Nikk was already successful, but she wanted more: more satisfaction, more challenges, and more understanding about how someone could be truly happy.

Having a thirst for personal development for the last 20 years, she has invested significant time and energy in courses and training, learning the ‘how’ of transformational personal development from a number of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.


Yolande Hughes

Yolande’s career has been exclusively focused on people and their potential, resulting in her highly specialised skill set. She has worked in corporate environments in both Sydney and Melbourne across recruiting, coaching, mentoring and training – in a range of industries including leading international hotels, an internationally renowned business management school and Australia’s leading recruitment company, Hudson.

This background, along with years of additional education, has given her an uncanny ability to read and understand people. This led to her rapid rise as a high-profile coach. Today she shares insights with her clients to move them to new heights as well as ground them with a logical and structured approach to change.



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Trent Alexander

I recently engaged Nicole’s services because I felt there were things holding me back in my business. As a result, I am more productive and have a clearer vision for my business going forward. I would recommend Nicole’s services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Trent Alexander

Maz O’Connor

I had significant growth in my business, clarity on how I am in the world, depth in all my relationships especially with partner and my kids. I recommend Inspire Tribe Mindset training to anyone



Maz O'Connor
Instructor / Somer Shala Yoga
Richard Huysmans

Richard Huysmans

InspireTribe’s system has enabled me to build a solid basis for understanding the decisions I make. It has changed the way I view the world, myself and others. I am now able to confidently make decisions and take action...

Richard Huysmans
Principal Consultant and ThoughtLeader / Melbourne