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Breakthrough your Limitations

Breakthrough your Limitations

We don’t know what we don’t know.

We ALL have blind spots. Unconscious blocks in our thinking.

For most of us, these blocks only become apparent when we realise that despite our best efforts we’re not getting what they want out of life. (Or life keeps delivering the wrong stuff!)

At InspireTribe, our speciality is showing you how to systematically identify and subsequently, work with your ‘blind spots’. (YES, it IS possible to learn how to ‘see’ your blind spots!)

And, the results are stunningly powerful.

The Magic is in Our Framework (and our brilliant coaches!)

What’s special about the coaches?

Well, the coaches, they’re intuitively brilliant and…

They’re DIFFERENT.  They’re NOT your normal coaches.

Which means they’re not just going to ask you questions hoping that you will find your own right answer!

And they are NOT going to work on your beliefs and your values, nor your goals and targets, nor any of the traditional stuff like that UNTIL they’re absolutely sure you know how to see and fix the INTERNAL blocks that will hold you back from actually living by your values and achieving the goals you set.

The framework is The EQ Code.

It’s delightfully simple and allows you to unravel the most deeply complex challenges.

The framework starts with 14 logical, highly defined words.

They’re the core of The EQ Code. A framework that puts the words into specific contexts that sees them becoming

You don’t need to know about the details of The EQ Code here.
Let’s just consider the words. Because just the words themselves can give powerful insights.

The words are:
Internal  –  External
Thinking  –  Feeling
White  –  Black
0%  –  100%
Safety  –  Hurt
Happiness  –  Love

Past – Future

Individually, they allow you to see your life through critical frames. Together, they allow you to slice and dice challenges into small, specific issues.  And when put into the framework of The EQ Code they allow you to easily work through the most complex personal, social, financial and even physical challenges.

A taste of the EQ Code…

We find most people are way too External. They believe their problems are outside their skin. We show our clients how the opposite is true. It’s stunningly freeing to realise this.

We show our clients how to use their External issues to work out how they Internally need to shift. Because when they show up in the just right way they are suddenly able to deal with the problems they face quite effortlessly.

And, that’s not an overstatement.

The Right Focus Results in Maximum IMPACT

In order to know how to shift you will need to use both your Thinking and your Feelings in just the right way. (Yes, feelings are critically important these days!)

With the framework that becomes far easier than you could likely conceive.

If you’re concerned that working with the non-logical aspect sounds a little fluffy and that perhaps, in your specific case, feelings aren’t important… Never fear! Science has shown us, the reality that just 3% of our intelligence is conscious, Thinking based intelligence. And 97% of it, is unconscious, Feeling based intelligence

And therefore, focusing on and improving the unconscious Feeling based aspect of your intelligence is actually 30x more effective!

Most people either Think too much and over analyse the living daylights out of life (which slows them down and actually delivers less than ideal results). Or, they allow their Feelings to get out of control. (And that’s no good either).

There are some who actually do both well, but they just can’t do so consciously, therefore, they can’t continue to improve their skills nor can they share the skills they have with others!

No matter your starting point, the framework allows us to rapidly show you how to transform yourself and your life. Just some of the transformations have included:

  • Showing successful individuals how to access deep fulfilment
  • Turning frustration and anger into inspired leadership
  • Replacing depression with a deep understanding of self
  • Shifting anxiety and overwhelm into highly attuned performance
  • Transforming tiredness into purposeful energy
  • Eliminating indecisiveness and delivering self-confidence

Your starting point doesn’t matter! Because we are solely focused on transferring the tools and skills that will allow you to change your life in whatever way you choose.

Fast & Simple

If you’ve never done any personal development work, this is the perfect place to start. It’s super simple and with just a bit of effort, it works very rapidly.

With Surprising Depth

If you’ve done a whole heap of personal development over a number of years you’ll very quickly gain a deep appreciation of the enormous power of this leading-edge framework (while at the same time having a painful pang of wishing you’d had access to it years ago!)

Nothing changes… if nothing changes!