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Case Studies – Executives

Case Studies – Executives

If you need to see how our mindset mentoring and coaching
has worked for others, read on for a few examples
of what clients in a similar situation
have experienced through working with us.

Of course, their stories likely won’t relate to you exactly
because everyone’s starting point is different
but, it will give you a taste of what’s possible.

Executive 1: Long Term Successful Business Owner

Starting point: Bored & Cynical

This client had run a successful business for 20 years. They were doing well but never as well as they’d really hoped to be doing.  They were tired and, by their own admission, quite cynical too. The client actually wasn’t particularly interested in doing any personal development (their wife had reached out on their behalf) but after chatting to us they agreed to give it a go!

Ending point. Free & Energised

A totally new sense of freedom and a heap of energy about being in business. Using The EQ Code the client, who prided themselves on being better than most at taking responsibility, was able to see where they had actually been letting themselves down and with a whole new level of awareness they easily took their business and their life to the next level.

Executive 2:  Sales Manager with a Successful Career History

Starting point. Emotionally Wrecked

This client was promoted to a new sales management role, but they went from a short term sales cycle (months) to a far longer one (years). The longer sales cycle took it’s toll and within 18 months they felt emotionally wrecked. They were ready to look for a new position but knew they needed to get back on track within themselves before making the move.

Ending point. Happily Challenged & Thriving Again

The end point was a total surprise for them – they ended up embracing the new role and loving the challenge it presented.  The EQ Code allowed them to see where they had lost control of themselves  and how they could not only reconnect to themselves but how they could learn and grow from every single set back in the new role. They went from being deflated to being happily challenged by the longer term game.

Executive 3:  Senior Change Manager in a Global Company

Starting point. Driven BUT Pushing Up Hill

This client had done a significant amount of personal development, they came to us very well read and well versed around the idea of being responsible for how they reacted to external events and working within their circle of influence etc. Despite knowing the theory super well, they were still feeling suffocated by the demands of a senior role, spanning a number of continents in a large corporate. They could see that they were running out of steam and that they were far from making the impact on the world that they felt they were capable of.  

Ending point. Grounded, Energised and Delivering on His Purpose

They loved the work they did with us. Given the significant work they had already done they were able to see the power of The EQ Code. The code gave them a way to dive deep into meaningful conversations without getting distracted by details.  And, importantly, it allowed them to bring all of their prior learnings together so they could practically apply them in a way that propelled them forward. The client also had a number of paradigm shifts that freed them up from unconsciously playing a smaller game.  They are now delegating far more easily, holding seniors to account and taking their department in a personally engaging direction that they had previously only dreamed about.

Executive 4:  From Corporate Career to Successful Entrepreneur

Starting point. Pushed Beyond His Worst Expectations

This client started with us at a pretty low point…  They’d jumped from a corporate role into a directorship of a fast growing and entrepreneurial firm.  They were a family person who wanted the best for their partner and their kids and they were working hard to make the dream come together. On the outside they looked to be doing seriously well. But on the inside, they were emotionally struggling. Financially they were totally beholden to the new venture going well and so they were investing long hours into growing the business. And then, they were making up for not being around for the family by investing all their weekend time into the kids and their needs.

Ending point. Connected, Strong & Rapidly Evolving

For this client the coaching and The EQ Code gave them a whole new perspective on the choices they were making. They were able to connect to what felt truly important and then use the structured thinking process to find solutions that were not only logical and smart but that also inspired them.  This client used the first block of coaching to get back to feeling emotionally strong again and then they continued on to the annual programme because they became hyper aware that faster they could shift their thinking, the faster they could grow their business and land their ideal of truly congruent work life balance.

Executive 5:  Director of a multi-million dollar Company BUT Lacking Self Confidence

Starting point. Painfully Aware of Past Mistakes

This client was a very successful business owner with a wonderful family life.  However, for a few years prior to working with us, their business partnership had been on a slow and steady decline and that relationship was starting to take a significant emotional toll on them.  While work used to be a thrill for the client, it had come to a point where the exact opposite was true. They came to us knowing that something needed to shift but they were not exactly sure what that was.

Ending point. Certain, Strong & Happily Driven Again

After a few months of working with us the client felt a significant shift within themselves.  They had regained the ability to trust their instincts and, through using the The EQ Code and the associated frameworks they were able to pinpoint when and how their thinking was letting them down.  The client became very clear that they had gotten into the pattern of using their thinking against themselves. A few poor gut instinct business decisions had seen them distrusting their feelings all together, but the framework allowed them to create a balance that lead to far more certain and sure decisions – decisions that used both their intuition and their logic as well, which in turn allowed them to fix the relationship issues with relative ease.

Executive 6:  Highly Respected Service Provider

Starting Point. ‘Over’ Their Business Partner But Stuck Too

This client came to us with a business partner who wasn’t quite pulling their weight – they were technically very capable but avoided responsibility way too often. After trying a few times to get their business partner to shift their habits they had resigned themselves to getting on with things as they were. The challenge was, the busier they got the more the client was being weighed down by their business partner’s avoidance strategies. 

Ending point.  Self Aware and Truly Leading the Company

The client used The EQ Code to get clear on a number of unconscious patterns that had seen them holding themselves back. They went from feeling totally stuck around how to deal with their business partner to being empowered.  The difference?  With the deeper awareness they gained from using The EQ Code, they were able to use their business partners challenging personal quirks to see themselves and their own weak points in a whole new way. And from there the client was able to effortlessly see the internal areas of their own style that they needed to work on in order to shift the external relationship dynamic. This client also loved being able to use The EQ Code to actively get very rapid feedback on how well they were shifting.

Executive 7:  Highly Respected Business Owner

Starting Point. Personally Strong, Respected and Somewhat Frustrated

This client was a personal power house when it came to business.  They ran a successful local and international professional services firm and they were very well respected by their peers. They actually started coaching with us more out of interest and for a personal challenge rather than any real need!  While their life was good, there were pockets of frustration due to what they saw as other’s ineptitude and a subtle but definite underlying feeling of resentment.

Ending point. A Total New Level of Personal Engagement

The only way to describe this client’s experience is to say that they had a significant and life changing paradigm shift.  One that allowed them to keep all of their drive and energy but, at the same time, freed them up to see the world in a whole new way.  Through understanding the elements of The EQ Code, the client was able to see not only the black and white of business but the many shades of grey that exist. As a result they found a new level of inspiration through the very personally rewarding challenge of learning to understand others at far deeper levels with the aim of empowering them to go even higher for themselves, first and the company second. 

Now over to you.
What’s YOUR starting point?
And what would you like your end point to be?

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to determine what’s likely to be possible for you.