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Case Studies – Individuals

If you need to see how our mindset mentoring and coaching
has worked for others, read on for a few examples
of what clients in a similar situation
have experienced through working with us.

Of course, their stories likely won’t relate to you exactly
because everyone’s starting point is different
but, it will give you a taste of what’s possible.

Individual 1: 

Starting point: Driven but Disconnected

Young, driven, in a job they loved and successful in the eyes of most, this client was on a mission. They were (and still are) doing stunningly well for their age.  But they wanted to go further faster and, they wanted someone who could really challenge them. Having worked with psych’s and counsellors in the past they knew they needed something unique and special.

Ending point: Passionate Living

The EQ Code was the structure that allowed us to connect to this client in a manner that left them in control. With the power balance firmly in their hands they were finally able to connect to another, safely, learn about how themselves via that structure and then as they were ready, unpack and learn about about the how to connect back to themselves. The outcome was beyond what they could have imagined. They’re a raving fan and still committed to their journey but now, happily out of choice rather than an being driven by unconscious necessity.

Individual 2: Successful but Wondering “Is this it?”

Starting point:

Sometimes the toughest place to get to can be the place that you thought would make you happy. This client came to us in that position. They saw themselves as financially very successful, they had a solid business with a loyal team and they even had a loving family unit.  But despite all of this being in their life, they felt they were on the outside of life, looking in. They failed to feel the internal sense of contentment and happiness that they felt they had worked so hard for.

Ending point:

The client was able to clearly see how they had been logically living through life. Ticking the boxes but without understanding how to real feel into experiences and relationships. The EQ Code gave them a logical understanding of the massive impact of their feelings and, importantly, it also gave them the structure to connect to themselves at the pace and rate they wished to. And, as they did so a whole new world of deep happiness, love and connection opened up to them.

Individual 3:  Black & White

Starting point: Stuck in a Rut

Feeling STUCK is reality for many individuals and it was certainly the case for this client.  They were in a relationship that had been good, but that was a distant memory. Their job paid well but it no longer excited them. Life felt hollow. They knew they were stuck, they knew their thinking needed to shift but at the same time, they felt they didn’t want to have to change! And, even if they did, they had no idea what direction to head in. They weren’t even sure of what they wanted but they were sure that they didn’t want more of the same.

Ending point: Flying Free

From the first session this client started to shift. The act of simply getting clear on the rules that we play by in the coaching sessions was insightful for them as they realised that they had been letting themselves of the hook in small but very important ways.  And from there, the EQ Code was a whole new way to view life. It provided them to the structure and the stability so that they could take a look at their thinking in a simple yet powerful way, one that allowed them to see and feel how much they were limiting themselves.  From there, they moved quickly. Once the desire was ignited the rest was easy.  They are now happily pursuing new interests and thriving in their role again. 

Individual 4:

Client Starting point:  High Potential BUT Lost and Seeking Direction

This client had left a wonderful job – one that many would dream of having. But, after 10 years the gloss had worn off (they were exhausted by its demands) and they were looking for a new, even more ideal career. Their previously solid savings were rapidly being eroded as they jumped from idea to idea unable to fully commit to anything and finding that nothing they tried was quite right (it was either fun and made no money or profitable and boring)!  They had a stop-gap job and hated every minute of showing up to it.

Ending point: Inspired, Driven and Taking Action

Within a few months the client felt better than they had ever felt – even while doing the stop-gap job. A few months later they were asking – surely life can’t really be THIS good?! They had returned to their old line of work (the ideal job was ideal again!) but this time they were in control of the work, not the other way around. And by the end of the programme they had totally taken control of their own destiny – they were actively planning future roles but from the security of a solid job they enjoyed. They no longer felt at the whim of the world. Indeed they were empowered to live their life. They had gone from feeling stuck to happily, actively and very congruently using every experience and every interaction with others to find out more about themselves and how they could effortlessly contribute to others and enjoy their own life at the same time. 

Individual 5:

Starting Point:

The client initially spoke to us in the hope that we would work with her husband.  While she was a very well respected business owner and a power house at work she was struggling when it came to dealing with the man that she had chosen as a husband.  After hearing about the 2:1 programme that we ran she opted to do the programme alongside her husband. 

Ending point.

There are a few ending points here but my focus in this case study is this client’s personal journey.

The EQ Code totally re-ignited the client and gave back all their confidence (plus a whole lot more personal centeredness).  With the simple framework the client was able to see, very quickly, exactly how and when they allowed others to take their power. And was also able to see how the times of feeling frustrated and bouts of reacting too strongly were caused by the fact that they had been missing clear internal signs of discontent.  Once the client was made aware of these internal signs they were able to take their business and  personal life to a whole new level.  

Individual 6:  Highly Respected Business Owner

Starting Point. Personally Strong, Respected and Somewhat Frustrated

This client was a personal power house when it came to business.  They ran a successful local and international professional services firm and they were very well respected by their peers.  They actually started coaching with us more out of interest and for a personal challenge rather than any real need!  While their life was good, there were pockets of frustration due to what they saw as other’s ineptitude and a subtle but definite underlying feeling of resentment.

Ending point.  A Total New Level of Personal Engagement

The only way to describe this client’s experience is to say that they had a significant and life changing paradigm shift.  One that allowed them to keep all of their drive and energy but, at the same time, freed them up to see the world in a whole new way.  Through understanding the elements of The EQ Code, the client was able to see not only the black and white of business but the many shades of grey that exist. As a result they found a new level of inspiration through the very personally rewarding challenge of learning to understand others at far deeper levels with the aim of  empowering them to go even higher for themselves, first and the company second.

Now over to you.

What’s YOUR starting point?
And what would you like your end point to be?

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