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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding if we are right for you…

What makes us the best at what we do?

Between us we have 30 years combined experience. We live and breathe what we teach, always tweaking and perfecting our methods as we constantly live by them too.

I’ve done stuff like this before, what makes this different?

We deliver a ‘paradigm shifting’ thinking structure that allows you to implement it for years to come.  

How long does it take to see change?

Everyone is different, but generally within 3 months significant change has taken place and is obvious to see.

What results have others achieved?

The list is endless however, we’ve had:

  • Doubling of turnover and $1million dollar per year profit increases
  • Personal and professional complete relationship turnarounds
  • Elimination of entrenched negative behavioural patterns

What sort of methodology do you use so I can be assured of results?

A variety of coaching methodologies complemented with our own ground breaking conscious evolution system.

Can you promise me you’re the best in this business?

We 100% believe we are, we’ve never heard of or met anyone like us, you be the judge and if you’re not happy, we offer a full money back guarantee.

How will you measure my success?

With an intensive benchmarking system. We ascertain where you are currently. We then use the test and measure method to consistently and continuously evaluate where and how far you have shifted. (Expect significant results).

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? Can I get my money back if what you promised is not what I achieve?

Absolutely! If you feel you have not gotten significant value from what we have shared with you. You can call on our 100%, money back guarantee.

What qualifications do you have?

We have participated in extensive study. Between us we have received many qualifications, from Training to Coaching through to Arts and Engineering degrees. We have undertaken NLP training, Business Coaching training, and extensive advanced Thought Leadership work.

Despite all this we understand the reality that no piece of paper ensures results or, truth be told, even a basic level of competency! The proof is always in the results we deliver and the guarantee we happily extend to you.

Do you have case studies?

We sure do and we’re happy to provide them on request.


Details on how we work

Do we have to work together in person?

No, we love technology! But if you’d like to work in person our 1:1 work takes place in our beautiful office in Mt Eliza on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

We meet clients in Melbourne’s CBD for regular sessions as well.

We also find ourselves in all major cities for team and executive training.

I’m interstate/overseas, can we still work together?

Yep! Whether its 1:1 mentoring or group training we can do ‘face to face’ with you anywhere in the world.

How often do we meet?

You can see us as often as you like, our work is sharp and insightful so we generally find twice a month works best for most people.

What’s my time investment?

Minimum investment is 2 hours of direct contact with us each month. There will be some additional time needed for your implementation. This usually takes form in your normal day to day interactions though and is more about noticing your changes than ‘doing’ extra hours on new tasks.

What sort of guidance do I get away from our sessions together?

All our clients have unlimited access to us (via email, text and short phone chats) throughout the time they work with us.

Will there be any kind of homework that I’ll need to do?

Other than implementing what we have covered in our sessions, we may at times potentially ask you to complete some tasks. Although optional, they are always highly relevant to you and your schedule is always considered before hand.

What if it’s not working?

It always works. We make sure of that.

Is there a set contract, set time I have to commit to?

For our 1:1 mentoring it’s a minimum of 6 months. Why? Because we guarantee our work so we want to make sure that you’ve not only got the new thinking structures but that they’re deeply embedded so you can rely on them in times of higher pressure.

Can I speak to other clients that are working with you currently and that have worked with you in the past, to see where they’re at in their life?

You sure can. We’ll happily arrange this on request.

Are there payment options?


What if we don’t gel? What if I don’t like you?

Ummmm. This has never happened. We’re very likeable.

As polar opposites, the Nikk & Yolande combination means that between us everyone’s covered.

How much do you charge?

A better question is, what’s the likely return on my Investment? And the answer to that question ranges from triple to priceless.

Who do you work with?

The reality is we’ve worked with all types – our clients love to refer us.


I actively seek to work with driven individuals and teams who have success in one aspect of their life and who want to take that across to other areas or take it to a whole new level. My passion lies in accelerating the results of driven people – from entrepreneurs through to CEO’s.

I’m also up for the challenge of taking on that executive or partner (be it business partner or lover) who thinks they don’t need any work… while they’re more of a challenge the rewards are always worth the effort.


Ditto to what Nikk’s written. I love working with anyone who’s seeking change. They don’t necessarily need to be driven in a business sense but they do need to want for better results in their life or feel they have more potential to access.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us today, using the contact us box on this website.