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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

How long does the programme run?

9 weeks for the onRAMP programme followed by 6 months ongoing support in the MindsetGYM.

How much time investment each week?

1 hr per week (live).

How are the sessions run?

Via – using the same meeting ID each time 4390778180

If I choose not to download into my calendar, can I get the hardcopy to print?

Email: and ask for a “list of dates” to save in your emails

What if I miss a session?

Please catch up via the recordings prior to your next session.

Am I required to engage in the live sessions?

Ideally we’d love you to interact, however we understand at times this may not work for you, so if you are unable simply drop a message in the chat so we know and place an ‘X’ before your name on zoom name display.

Is there a workbook?

Yes, simply click on the workbook link, you can print if you choose.

What if I have more questions?

Please email me at

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