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Team Development Testimonials

Team Development Testimonials

Before the Thrive Program, the environment was very tense, staff were not communicating freely or openly. Our people were constricted in what they could achieve not only for themselves but for good outcomes for our customers as well. This was affecting productivity.

Key outcomes:

  • People are taking more responsibility for themselves.  They are speaking up and talking about what is real to them. 
  • Staff are learning and understanding each other more which is driving better outcomes for all.
  • Staff are more open and honest and able to move through past impediments by being more considerate of others
  • Before the company focused on improving technical outcomes, we are now looking at the impact on each other and how it affects peoples lives.
  • This new language has allowed us to understand and communicate with one another. It has given us a common language to be better people and deliver great outcomes for ourselves and our customers

Dennis Pivac, Affinity, ANZ

Positively disrupting teams

InspireTribe’s monthly business programme was a great way for us to see our team in a whole new light.  Having their mindset challenged allowed both the individuals themselves and us as business owners to see just how much they were really capable of.  This programme shone the light on areas for improvement, and it showed a number of key team members how to significantly reduce their stress and anxiety levels.  As a result those individuals have stepped up and taken on further personal responsibility and they feel great about being able to do so.  It’s been such a positive on so many different levels. If you want your team, positively disrupted, so they can let go of old behaviours and embrace new ones, highly recommend the InspireTribe team!

Shannon Smit – Smart Business Solutions, Mornington

Our team is certainly a closer unit

Our team has gathered a great deal from the Webinar series. To sit together as a team and be challenged to think openly about the finer points of how and why we approach day to day interactions and situations has been very rewarding. Our team is certainly a closer unit due to the success of the program.

James Miller, Frankston

Improved my relationships in the workplace and at home

It’s amazing how taking 1 hr out of the working day to do an Inspire Tribe webinar can plant a seed for a life changing or improving effect. I have found the Inspire Tribe webinars to be engaging, interactive, fun, thought provoking and empowering sessions.  Each session covers a different topic of personal development that, layer by layer and reveals the power we have in ourselves to create positive change.  It is literally mind blowing how simply being more aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions has improved my relationships in the workplace and at home, the choices I make, and my overall happiness. I would not hesitate in recommending Inspire Tribe – the more teams and individuals who can access these sessions can only improve their lives even more, both personally and professionally.  Thanks Inspire Tribe!”

Rachelle Thomsen, Rosebud

Well and truly exceeded my expectations

Inspire Tribe was extremely helpful for me and my team. Nikk and Yolande totally challenged our thinking and I would recommend any type of business to join in. It was fun, friendly, unique and great to get the team together and have everyone participate. It well and truly exceeded my expectations.

David Lennox, VFP Sydney