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Thrive Executive Program

Specific Outcomes

Elevated Leadership Capability

Heightened Leader Engagement

Expanded Team Engagement

Improved Team Effectiveness

Deeper Sense of Personal Purpose

Broadened Collaboration

Increased Team Retention

Maximised Profits

 InspireTribe’s programs are truly ground-breaking. We rapidly expand the thinking of every individual and relatively effortlessly. As a result, we take our clients further than they believe possible, at a more rapid rate than most would believe is achievable.

An internal investment with a massive ROI

When you’re able to consciously and consistently expand your thinking you’re able to: 

Go further, faster as you continuously and effortlessly expand your influence

Take consistent action without fear of burning out

Make significant decisions with confidence and ease

Deal with all types in a cool, calm, relaxed and self-assured manner

Feel strong and certain within yourself

Have heaps of energy for yourself and others

Feel inspired about life as you wake up

And feel as though you’re living your purpose as you head into the office.

The EQ Code and frameworks ensure we deliver, every time.
No matter the professional and organisational challenges, exposure to this finely tuned and hyper-logical framework along with leading edge executive coaching methods, means that individuals are able to adapt, see and FEEL their situation through totally new thinking paradigms.


In today’s ever changing & evolving world, we must continually be able to expand our mindset in order to access the same amount (or more) of the potential profit

Profit being cash in the business world.

And Fulfilment, Success, Love, Happiness, Health, Wealth and more  

in our private lives.

The evolution of the emotional intelligence of humanity 

has been hindered by fragmented methods, ideas and thinking.

In contrast, the IT Revolution thrived on hyper logical rules that facilitated 

stunningly effective global collaboration.

Enter The EQ Code.  

A hyper logical thinking framework that facilitates and supports 

empathetic, harmonious and stunningly effective communication 

within even the most diverse relationships.

Individuals (and teams) start at all different levels.

But no matter the starting point and no matter the external challenges being faced, with The EQ Code, rapid internal emotional transformation occur.

The internal shifts lead to individuals being able to move through,

break through or evolve beyond their previous external challenges 

with confidence and certainty

The EQ Code facilitates the rapid uncovering of foundational logic

allowing individual and groups alike to easily feel into and move through 

the core of emotional, relational and social challenges.

Executive leaders become global thinkers