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Uncovering Our Unconscious Gaps

When life’s great BUT you don’t feel great…”

you need to find the (unconscious) gaps in your thinking.
The places where your thinking is not supporting how you feel.
The exercise below is not complex.
But it is a bit of work and will require a bit of time.
If you want the EASY path, touch base with us!
We’ll assist you with this and a whole lot more.

Uncovering our Unconscious Gaps

OK, here’s the simple technique that can be used to help free you
when you’re thinking is keeping you in a place
that SHOULD feel good BUT it just doesn’t!

Start with PEN & PAPER (or a smart device).
Do NOT try to do this in your head.

If you do, you will lose track of critical information.
Because we are looking at getting you
to think OUTSIDE your normal neural pathways
and that’s like trying to walk through
a 100km national parkland
without any map or trail markers.

STEP 1)   Consider something that’s logically good in your life
but that doesn’t feel AMAZING.

It could be your job, your partner, your kids
or a holiday that you’re booked into
but that you’re not really looking forward to.
Write it down
literally a note of what the issue is.

STEP 2)   List 5 reasons as to why
this apparently good thing in your life is good

Make sure they’re points that actually FEEL good.
Or, at the very least things that you KNOW
should feel good.
That’s the logical part done.

Now for the illogical part…

STEP 3)   List 5 reasons why this good thing in your life
Is NOT actually good it’s BAD.

I’m not joking, I’m serious.
Make them good solid reasons
as to why this apparently good thing
is actually not good for you at all.
Play in the mud.
Get dirty.

It’s counter-intuitive, I know.
We’re taught to see the best in a bad situation.
We’re taught to appreciate what we have.
We’re taught it’s healthy to be grateful.
Doing anything else seems illogical.

But sometimes
in order to go forward
we first need to go backwards.

And in deliberately and consciously picking apart
what seems to be good.
We can often uncover our unconscious hook.
The one that’s holding us back.
The one that’s not logical or sensible
but it’s doing a bloody good job at making us feel bad.

Once you’ve written 5 things
we need to briefly let go of our current logic
and we need to use how we FEEL to guide us.

STEP 4)   Pick the one that FEELS most truthful to you.

We need to feel into and own
which negative point is most truthful for us.
Sure, we might like to believe
that NONE of them are true to us.
But, you’ve written them down
and now it’s time to own one.

For the best method to do this,
Click here
(Take the time to do this basic process
even if you think you ‘know’ what the issue is!)

Done that?

The final steps…

STEP 5)   Check if the issue feels right, then LOGICALLY justify why this issue has come up as FEELING like the most truthful answer

a) You’ll know it feels right if you feel lighter
or freer within yourself.
If the issue doesn’t feel exactly right.
Do the above loop again.
Starting from the ‘winning’ reason
and getting more specific around that topic or
coming up with 5 totally new reasons it’s BAD.

b) If the issue feels exactly right, like you’ve nailed it….
Do the work to LOGICALLY understand
why this feeling is true for you.
Stop believing everyone else.
Take a look at your life.
Take a look at who you are.
And find the good sound logical reason why this is true.


STEP 6)   Do something about it!!

Change your life to avoid what feels bad!
Work out how to stop being a martyr.
Speak up to the person you need to.
Or even just own the truth
that you are now clearer on the issue
and that you don’t want to (or you’re too afraid to)
do anything about it.
This last one will still help you to feel better.
Because the issue is no longer hidden.
It’s now here for you to do as you wish with.

And when you’re ready
you’ll take the right action for you.


The easy path here is to dismiss this illogical nonsense.
Dismiss how you feel.
Dismiss the ‘stupid’ reasons you’re not totally happy.
Make light of them.
And get on with it.

BUT that’s the lazy path.
Doing just that on a consistent basis
is like chipping away at a gorgeous statue with a chisel.

The first few chips may barely be noticed.
But once you’ve made the 1,000th chip
the gaping hole makes the whole thing unattractive.

We can’t undo what’s been done.
But we can start to repair the error of our ways!

Need some tangible examples?
Click here if you do.

And, great job reading this far.
Continue committing to yourself!

Next Steps:

If you’re not great at noticing how you feel click here to learn more about yourself.  It’ll be worth the time investment because if you’re highly logical and you’re not great at valuing your feelings you actually have far far more potential than you can possibly imagine!