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Yolande Hughes

Yolande Hughes is truly passionate about unlocking potential.  A highly respected and sought-after Mentor and Coach. Formally trained in Transformational Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, she has been creating massive shifts for individuals since 2011.

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Yolande’s career has been exclusively people focused resulting in a highly specialised skill set developed in environments where people’s potential have been her sole focus.  She has worked in corporate environments in both Sydney and Melbourne in recruiting, coaching, mentoring, and training – in a range of industries including leading international hotels, a internationally renowned business management school and Australia’s leading recruitment company, Hudson.

Her grounding in these environments along with years of additional education has given her an uncanny ability to read and understand people, which lead to her rapid rise as a high-profile coach. Today she  shares Conscious Evolution Insights with clients to radically move them to new heights as well as ground them with logic and a structured approach to change.

Yolande is certainly equipped with real life experience she has the expertise and the passion. She continues to challenge herself daily to learn and grow so she can continue to give more to her clients.

Yolande is dedicated to her purpose of making the complex simple by bringing logic and creativity together to share EQ skills and bleeding edge mindset knowledge to a growing number of individuals that are seeking accelerated results!