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How to enjoy the pace of slow change

How to enjoy the pace of slow change

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Sometimes when we want to change
when we really want to change
it can be tough.
Because we make a shift
and it feels good
really good.

Then we slip.
We go back
back to the old ways of being
and that can feel bad
really bad.

But here’s the thing
if you stay focussed on the goal
of who you want to be
and how you want to be
and you let go
of whether or not ‘you’re there yet’
and you just focus on
doing your best
you’ll get there

That’s true
even when it feels like
you’re going at a snails pace.

The trick to making it fun
is to enjoy every type of victory.

At first you can enjoy
being able to make the decision
to step into being
who you want to be.

It could be the decision to go for a run
or the decision NOT to yell at the kids.
A decision to stand up to a supplier
or one to voice the unspoken truth in a meeting.

You’ll make that decision
for the first few times
and there’ll be a feeling of joy
a feeling of WOW, I can do it!

But then
that feeling is normalised
you’ve done it before
it’s not a big deal.

And that’s when it’s easy to slip.
Slip back into old ways.

Because when the rewards are not as great
“Why bother?” can easily come into play.

And that’s when it’s time to focus
back on the long-term game.
Why bother?
Because you want to BE
the person that you yourself respect.

You want to BE
that athletic version of yourself
that super relaxed high achiever
that bravely honest leader
or that zen parent version of yourself.

And you use that focus
to continue taking action
even though
the short-term euphoria
is no longer there.

And when you succeed
you enjoy a different kind of euphoria.

It’s an internal one.
You’re not making decisions
to prove anything to anyone else
you’re making the decisions
just for you.
And you’re doing so
simply because you want to BE
the person YOU respect.

Your mind, gut, heart and body
all agree to do something
that feels right in every single cell
not because it’s easy
but because it reflects who you are.

And in making those decisions
just for yourself
because you can
and because you want to
there’s a feeling of internal power
and a feeling of internal joy
that comes along with them.

And with time
those decisions will come effortlessly.
You’ll not need to think about
who you wish to be.
You’ll simply be
the person you once could only aspire to be.

All this starts
with one euphoric decision at a time
followed by many moments of joy

And that is the wonderful journey
of personal change.

With warmth,

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