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Category: Business

5 Key Traits of a Good Leader in the Workplace

Just about every workplace has a form of hierarchy in place. Whether it’s a small business with an owner acting as manager of daily business or a busy office workplace with management teams having their own hierarchies. Leadership, on the other hand, can present itself in any workplace to motivate and empower employees. Not every…
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Male worker walking on the road and find two signpost with two choices to success or failure


  Make MORE Money CLOSE Life’s Gaps And Become an INSPIRATIONAL Leader For over 10 years InspireTribe founders Nikk and Yolande Hughes have helped 1000’s of individuals to make their personal and professional lives EFFORTLESS. So what do they know and what do they continue to teach that you haven’t heard before? Most of us…
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Nikk Hughes - Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business How business owners perform move forward, stay positive, reinvent themselves and lead well is determined by their MINDSET. Mindset mattered more than ever in 2020 AND… now it matters even more in 2021. Because it’s easier than ever to fall behind, and harder than ever to catch back up.…
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Taking control of external situations

Taking control of external situations

Every person is represented by a little circle in the EQ code. Each little circle is either green and happy, or red and hurt. Most people are held back because when they’re red they don’t know how to deal with it. So, we’re going to learn how to do the internal to external flip. This…
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5 Tips to Deal With Resistance to Change

5 Tips to Deal With Resistance to Change in the Workplace

Changes in the workplace don’t always happen in ways that we’d like. Employees and colleagues can be resistant to change and in our modern world it’s certainly worth allowing them to voice their concerns. Management must always balance the interests of their valued employees whilst endeavouring to enact meaningful changes that are necessary to push…
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Consistently and Rapidly Improving Business Results

Consistently and Rapidly Improving Business Results Explained in 3 minutes! A HIGH PERFORMING BUSINESS requires a HIGH PERFORMING TEAM. This video outlines the 3 keys to consistently, rapidly, and SUSTAINABLY improving business results to bring you more TIME, more MONEY and more ENERGY.. To learn more about how 8 hours of MINDSET training can transform…
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Inspire Tribe Mindset Matters Part Two 2

BUSINESS SUCCESS is impossible without these 12 words!

Give yourself more TIME, MONEY and ENERGY Do you think 12 words could change the success of your business? Give you more TIME more ENERGY and.. more PROFIT? Well… I guess that would depend on what the 12 words were right? What if we told you that 12 words COULD dramatically and fundamentally change someone’s…
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Valuing your feelings

Valuing your feelings and the lessons they teach you throughout your executive career

In today’s business culture, it’s prized to be logical. We don’t put much emphasis on our feelings, especially in the workplace. When we’re talking with team members, we want to know their thoughts on a topic but we rarely ask how they’re feeling about it. Many of us have been taught to dismiss our emotions…
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Why Does EQ Matter

Why Does EQ Matter in the Business World?

People are the most important resource in an organisation, so why does this perhaps cliché statement often take a back seat to raw numbers and financial reporting on a quarterly statement? What is EQ? Emotional intelligence (often simply called EQ) is our individual connections with feelings and emotions, which don’t really factor in GAAP or…
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Leadership vs Management

Leadership vs Management: What’s the Difference?

Although leadership and management are often terms that are tossed around interchangeably, business leaders, coaches, academics, and human resources professionals have been drawing out distinctions between the two for many decades. So, what’s the difference? In brief, it goes well beyond the scope of this article, but some useful and interesting differences are explained below: …
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