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5 Practical Steps to Performance Improvement

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges to any manager or HR staff member is to put into action a fair, equitable, and effective performance improvement plan for employees. Employees have wants and desires, and those that feel a sense of purpose in their work are far more likely to be productive than those that do…
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Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching – Upgrade your thinking to upgrade your results

Understanding your thinking process   Did you know you that as a senior executive, you and your team receive around 11 million pieces of data in to your brain in each moment? All this data goes into the back part of your brain which has a filter mechanism. After filtering the data, it only sends…
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Nikk Hughes - Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business How business owners perform move forward, stay positive, reinvent themselves and lead well is determined by their MINDSET. Mindset mattered more than ever in 2020 AND… now it matters even more in 2021. Because it’s easier than ever to fall behind, and harder than ever to catch back up.…
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Valuing your feelings

Valuing your feelings and the lessons they teach you throughout your executive career

In today’s business culture, it’s prized to be logical. We don’t put much emphasis on our feelings, especially in the workplace. When we’re talking with team members, we want to know their thoughts on a topic but we rarely ask how they’re feeling about it. Many of us have been taught to dismiss our emotions…
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Ownership or Defensive Which one are you?

Have you ever found yourself getting defensive, justifying… what you did or said and feeling as if it’s a legitimate response?   Of course you have Most people do   Let’s call that 0%   Have you ever taken on another’s negative words, believing them to be true about you andfeeling bad, sad or negative…
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What Is Relationship Coaching And Why You Should Consider It

Intimate relationships are probably one of the most intense and important relationships in every human being’s life. A successful relationship can make a human being feel fulfilled, resulting in confidence and happiness overspilling into all aspects of their lives. Similarly, a broken relationship can result in devastating consequences for all involved.  It is inevitable that…
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Make 2016 the year you WANT to remember

As a New Year Kick-Off we’re offering 15min Mindset Acceleration Sessions to those of you who receive this email – that’s better than any tip we could possibly offer!  It’s obligation free and sales free too – just 15 mins of laser coaching on any issue you want. If you’re not sure, read below! Yesterday at…
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Three LIFE CHANGING insights

No 1: The only dumb question is the unasked one As a youngster I was crazily competitive.  And I was pretty smart but far from gifted. These days I’d say I’m gifted in a few areas. The first: I’m gifted at asking the dumb questions. This started as a work around. The theory was to ask enough…
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An Extraordinarily EFFECTIVE Business Exercise that takes 5 mins

WARNING: Only do this if you want your life to get easier! Take 5 mins to do this AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE exercise 1. Write down the 20 most important things that you currently do at work in a week. 2. Now add 5 things that you would LOVE to do at work that are not currently on…
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How Lucky People Create Their Luck

In business I was “lucky” that a friend happened to be going to a personal development seminar 20 years ago and they asked if I wanted to come.  The rest has absolutely nothing to do with luck.   In my personal life I was “lucky” because I happened to meet Yolande in a course one day.   The rest has…
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