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Make 2016 the year you WANT to remember

Make 2016 the year you WANT to remember

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As a New Year Kick-Off, we’re offering 15min Mindset Acceleration Sessions to those of you who receive this email – that’s better than any tip we could offer!  It’s obligation-free and sales-free, too – just 15 mins of laser coaching on any issue you want. If you’re not sure, read below!

Yesterday at the end of coaching today, I had the following conversation with a successful business client.

NIKK:  Knowing what you now know, if I told you… “The only way you get to keep the knowledge you have gained since you started coaching with us is to name the top price you would pay for what you have learned; what price would you pay? The only thing you need to remember is that if you don’t name your top price, all you have learnt will disappear. ”

CLIENT:  Silence for a few seconds.

The question stumped him as it did everyone because they had to search for the actual figure.

CLIENT:  Well, it’s impossible to say because what I’ve learnt is priceless.

NIKK:  But what would it be if you had to put a figure on it?

CLIENT:  For everything I’ve learnt to date… I can’t put a figure on it.  But I will say that I would pay at least 10% of my income each year ongoing, from now on to continue to learn like I am learning.

When I emailed the client asking for permission to use the above, his reply was:

“You can also add that you are making me realise my hurdles did not exist, and I was able to make decisions that have meant I’m on track to make well over a million dollars in profit in the next three years. That’s on top of the income I was already making.”

I had a similar conversation with another client Pre-Christmas.

His answers was: “I can’t put a price on it. It’d have to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

If you’re looking for a shift in your life THIS YEAR that would be “priceless”, I encourage you to make it a mindset shift!