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The New Year Resolution that’s GUARANTEED to lead to Success!

The New Year Resolution that’s GUARANTEED to lead to Success!

It’s that time of year…
Christmas madness (wrapped with joy or angst ),
The end of another year looming,
Feasts of the festive season,
Perhaps a dose of guilt from over indulgence,
And then to the resolutions for the upcoming year.

Next year I will …

This is usually a list all sorts of things from what we’re going to give up, to things we’re going to start doing and even vague promises to ourselves that we know we are unlikely to meet, but the simple act of thinking about them feels like a step in the right direction!

Well I want to challenge you to do something different this year. Forget the long list of insignificant items and do this one thing …

Focus on yourself so you can make
a life changing decision.
Specifically, focus on how you think and
how that leads you to feel. 

I can hear some of you cringing at the thought.
But, hear me out.

Stop worrying about all the external things in your life and wishing they would change so that you can finally rest easy, and instead start to focus on what is totally in your control… how you think and, once you’ve mastered the art of doing that, how you feel.

You see, you cannot change external things, but you can change how you think and subsequently how you feel about events, people and situations. Mastering your internal world drastically improves everything else around you. That person who really get’s your goat no longer annoys you quiet as much. You don’t take someones attitude as personally as you did, and you have more energy for yourself and the people you love.

How do you go from External validation to Internal endorsement? Conscious Evolution.

  • You Decide how things will impact you.
  • You  become Aware of the feelings involved with that decision.
  • You take action or Motion to resolve the issue in a way that makes you feel good.
  • And you repeat that loop.  Again and again. Becoming a master of your own destiny as you do.

Sounds easy? It is.
Sure, it takes a bit of conscious thought to start the process, but once you get the ball rolling for itself, the rewards are endless.
More energy, more joy, more harmony, more happiness, more peace, more success and more of anything else your heart desires.

As we come to the close of 2015…
I encourage you to make a resolution like no other.
Resolve to become a better leader of yourself.

The only action you need to take to get the ball rolling on that New Year Resolution is to email us at and let us know the best number to call you on so that we can make 2016 the year where your life takes a massively positive shift in the direction YOU want it to go.
(It’s a risk free resolution as our Mindset Mentoring is GUARANTEED to work – and you get to decide if it has or hasn’t!)