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The Power of 3 Questions

The Power of 3 Questions

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What do you want in life?
What do you need to do to get it?
What are you willing to pay?

Three questions that when put together are extraordinarily powerful.

Why? Because all of a sudden it becomes very easy to let go of things that you desperately wish you could have, but don’t.  

How could that be true?  Well, the 3 questions, when asked in succession, force you to get clear on:

>> What you think you want, 

>> What you need to do in order to get it, and 

>> Whether or not you’re willing to do what you need to do, in order to get it.  

And, if you decide that you’re not willing to do what needs to be done, then it suddenly becomes easy to let ‘that thing’ go, as well as all the anxiety you have developed about not having it. 

And, in letting go…

>> You gain back the time that went into wishing for something that you’re not prepared to work for.

>> You gain back the energy that needed to be invested to maintain that feeling of being deprived of something

>> And, you actually start to feel good again.

Let’s look at 3 very simple examples:

What is it that you want in life?

Consider something that you have spent time wishing for.  Is it: 

A) A new house.

B) A better boss.

C) A nicer husband.

What do you need to do to get it?

This is a cost, a course of action or a choice:

A) Work overtime or upskill so I can get a higher paying job.

B) Explain to my boss where they are not meeting my needs and then find a new job if they cannot provide what I need.

C) Be the person who deserves a nice husband, stop nagging, hold my boundaries nicely, be kind to him.

What are you willing to pay?

Are you will to do what is needed, whatever the cost. 

A) No, I like my evenings and weekends and I have already studied and worked hard.
or  Yes! A new house is worth the extra effort.

B) No, I don’t want to upset my boss and risk a job which is close to home.
or Yes! I’ll drive an extra 20 min each way if necessary to work with someone that inspires me!

C) No, I’ve done enough changing and shifting and now I want my husband to change, not me.
 or Yes! I love my other half. They drive me nuts sometimes but I’m going to continue to shift & grow so that we can happily grow old together.

Own the price you’re willing to pay.  And if you need to let something go because you do not want to “pay the price” then feel good about being honest, upfront and open with yourself, and enjoy putting the previously wasted energy into an area that’s going to create a whole lot more fun for you.