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Category: Coaching

Three LIFE CHANGING insights

No 1: The only dumb question is the unasked one As a youngster I was crazily competitive.  And I was pretty smart but far from gifted. These days I’d say I’m gifted in a few areas. The first: I’m gifted at asking the dumb questions. This started as a work around. The theory was to ask enough…
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An Extraordinarily EFFECTIVE Business Exercise that takes 5 mins

WARNING: Only do this if you want your life to get easier! Take 5 mins to do this AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE exercise 1. Write down the 20 most important things that you currently do at work in a week. 2. Now add 5 things that you would LOVE to do at work that are not currently on…
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How Lucky People Create Their Luck

In business I was “lucky” that a friend happened to be going to a personal development seminar 20 years ago and they asked if I wanted to come.  The rest has absolutely nothing to do with luck.   In my personal life I was “lucky” because I happened to meet Yolande in a course one day.   The rest has…
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3 Steps to Access Your Full Potential

The unconscious mind is an absolute power house harbouring 97% of our brain power.  It literally dwarfs our conscious mind.  But, to access our full potential, the two must communicate and they must be on the same page.They’re a bit like a farmer (3% conscious) and an ox (97% unconscious).  The farmer  has lots of…
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From the age of 20 I went to heaps of courses, read hundreds of books & listened to thousands of hours of audio books too.  Over a period of 15 years I invested in excess of $150,000 learning as much as I could to create wealth and an ideal life.  It worked.  I was doing pretty well financially and my life was…
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