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How Lucky People Create Their Luck

How Lucky People Create Their Luck

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In business I was “lucky” that a friend happened to be going to a personal development seminar 20 years ago and they asked if I wanted to come.  The rest has absolutely nothing to do with luck.  

In my personal life I was “lucky” because I happened to meet Yolande in a course one day.   The rest has absolutely nothing to do with luck.  

With our children I was “lucky” that they were all born as healthy little babies. The rest has absolutely nothing to do with luck.  

Today, you have, for whatever reason, ended up reading something that tells you how lucky people create their health, wealth and happiness.  What happens as a result of that will have absolutely nothing to do with luck.  

You see, ‘luck’ is simply a seed, a seed of difference.  A look, a passing, a thought, a second in time where something is different to normal.  But every seed of luck requires good soil and regular watering for it to grow into anything worthwhile. You’ll know this to be true when you consider the “lucky” people who win Tattslotto only to spend it all and more!  And the more seeds you grow, the better you get at growing them.

So what is the good soil and watering?  It’s a combination of Decisions, Awareness & Motion.

One of my most important lucky seeds is a good way to demonstrate this: 5 years ago I had a good life but I wanted a great one – I was healthy and relatively wealthy and I looked very happy.  To be fair, I was pretty happy, but I couldn’t have said that I was joyfully happy within myself.  Realising that fact and that I wanted a great life was one of my “luckiest seeds”.

After getting the seed… I put it into good soil.

I DECIDED that my number one aim was to become joyfully happy within myself.

I then became AWARE of when that wasn’t the case.
I started to notice what I thought would make me happy and what I felt did make me happy. 

And I took action to create MOTION in the right direction.
In the beginning, it was any action that was different from what I had done in the past. (Hmm, interesting I wrote that… It sounds like I was creating more of my own lucky seeds… !)

Once the seed was firmly planted, I watered it…
And I did that loop again and again. 

I got help & guidance along the way.  It wasn’t always easy – some days I didn’t feeling like making the same decision again, and I became more aware of where I wasn’t happy and how I needed to find a new way to move forward.  In fact it was hard work and often uncomfortable.  But the results were worth it.  I kept feeling happier and happier.

So it’s a bit lucky that I met Yolande.  But the rest had nothing to do with luck. Take a minute to consider what lucky seeds you have received over the last week, and how you plan to plant and water them?