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Three Questions for a BETTER than Good Life

Three Questions for a BETTER than Good Life

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Before you start, I should add that while the questions below are simple enough, they’re tough because you can’t answer them logically!  You can only FEEL the answer.  Luckily, with these questions, the feeling is the critical part; it’s the part that gets you around the logical barriers and once you’ve done that, you can get going towards a great life!

Q1) Could you survive a failed leap of faith?

Imagine taking a leap of faith, backing yourself to create an amazing life and then messing up – just like you know you could.  What are the consequences?  Would you survive?  If you think you wouldn’t, check in again… would you still be breathing? 

Q2) Is the long term feeling of going for great worth it?
Once you asked the above question, look ahead at another 40 years staying on the ‘good’ path you’re currently on.  Notice how it feels to you.  Don’t logic this. FEEL how it feels to do more of the same.

And then…

Imagine having a go, messing up, feeling bad for a week, a month, hell, maybe even a year then getting back on your feet DETERMINED to live the inspiring life you FEEL, deep down, that you know you’re capable of.  Imagine where you’d end up after 40 years has passed in this scenerio and notice how it has felt to be on that path and how you feel at the end of the journey.

Q3) What would you wish for, for a loved one?
Finally, think of the person you love the most.
It could be a child, your partner, a family member or a very good friend.
If they were in your exact situation, which choice would you wish for them?

In answering the above 3 Questions you should know intuitively which path is for you.  If it’s more of the same, take responsibility for the fact that you’re not willing to take the risk required or put in the effort needed for an amazing life.  And make peace with that.  The ironic thing is that if you’re at peace with a good life, it becomes a whole lot better!

If you feel you’re up for great, then get started today!  Do something different.  Share your dream with someone you respect and trust to support you and then take a step towards making it happen.

Nikk & Yolande

PS. If you feel you’d like to be able to make the choice to go for a great life, but you’re not quite sure how to do that, I’d encourage you to contact us!  A good life can easily become a great one, and a great one can easily become awe inspiringly amazing!