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An Extraordinarily EFFECTIVE Business Exercise that takes 5 mins

An Extraordinarily EFFECTIVE Business Exercise that takes 5 mins

WARNING: Only do this if you want your life to get easier!

Take 5 mins to do this AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE exercise

1. Write down the 20 most important things that you currently do at work in a week.

2. Now add 5 things that you would LOVE to do at work that are not currently on that list.

3. Circle the 5 that you LIKE (or would like) doing the most.

4. Put next to the 5 that you DISLIKE doing the most.

5. Choose the least profitable ONE thing to STOP doing from the X‘d items.  

This is where you need to make a decision to work out how to offload that activity.

6. Choose the most profitable ONE thing that you LIKE doing or would LOVE to do from the Circled items.

Make a decision that you will do more of this with the extra time you just gained.


Stick the list somewhere prominent as a reminder (the side of your monitor or wall of your toilet.)

Continue to focus on replacing the X’d items with the circled items.

Over time, your effectiveness and your life will improve dramatically!

Crazily Simple AND Extraordinarily Effective.  
Just the way we like it.

Note 1: There may be a very short amount of discomfort while implementing this program. It can be difficult to STOP doing the old way and START doing the new way. It’s a very healthy form of “Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain”. And most importantly, for this exercise to work, you have to implement it…