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3 Steps to Access Your Full Potential

3 Steps to Access Your Full Potential

The unconscious mind is an absolute power house harbouring 97% of our brain power.  It literally dwarfs our conscious mind.  But, to access our full potential, the two must communicate and they must be on the same page.They’re a bit like a farmer (3% conscious) and an ox (97% unconscious).  The farmer  has lots of ideas about plowing his field but he has no real power.  He needs to rely on the energy & strength in the ox.

Our unconscious can’t speak to us like the conscious mind can.  It ‘speaks’ through feeling.  So the 1st critical step of harnessing the power of our full potential is to feel our feelings.   When our unconscious is not aligned we feel frustrated, tense, tight, heavy, hooked etc.   It’s letting us know the 97% is not liking where the 3% is heading.

Step 2 is to own & acknowledge what our feelings are telling us.  In today’s positive thinking world, being open to and owning ALL of our feelings is a bit counter intuitive.  The challenge for the majority is we’re brought up to think well, to have a strong reliance on our self talk.  We often ignore our unconscious, seeking instead to push past the feelings that are trying to hold us back.  Positive thinking works for a while but eventually limits us.

Once we have owned our feelings, we can go to Step 3 – Make a change in our life & the loop back to Step 1.

download (6)Cycling through the Feel, Own & Change loop allows us to gradually align our conscious & unconscious brain power.

And, in doing so, we can access our full potential.