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Creating more opportunities for yourself

Creating more opportunities for yourself

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Children model their parents learning ‘how to be’ and ‘what to do’ in various situations.  Our brains remember what we learn by laying down neural pathways from one point to another.  Eg. When (A) happens, do (B) and then positive feeling (C) becomes available.

Note: If we have a negative role model we may choose to do the exact opposite – the same theory applies though

The flexibility of the models we watch as youngsters determines the type of paths we create.

Modelling rigid thinkers with strong habitual ways of behaving in various situations will create strong links in our brain – thick neural highways, so to speak.  Making it difficult to deviate to opportunities to the left or the right of these neural highways.

Modelling vague and scattered thinkers will create random links & destinations so the neural pathways in our brain will be more like tracks in a bush.  Opportunities are accessible but coming across them requires a bit of luck!

Modelling systematic & creative role models assist us to learn to create many solid roads and tracks in our brain and we can also learn to add and remove them at will. This thinking allows us to go to wherever we choose, relatively easily. We can actively seek opportunities out and create pathways to them.