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The Science Behind Getting Big Results

The Science Behind Getting Big Results

Science Behind Getting Big Results

A recent Sydney University study concluded that just 3% of our brain power is conscious. That leaves a whopping 97% in the unconscious realm.For someone like myself (with a logical engineering background) it finally provides me with some understanding of why I’ve witnessed such dramatic results in others, as well as experiencing them personally, when working with mindset principles.

Take a back of an envelope calculation.

Imagine you have 100 “Intelligence Units”

Based on the study, 3 of the intelligence units would sit in the conscious realm.


So, if you learned how to do somethingbetter (eg. improve your skills in your role or your skills in business in general) you would be improving your conscious intelligence.  And, if you improved this conscious intelligence by 10%
you would get…
3 units x 10% increase
+0.3 units increase in your overall intelligence.

In the unconscious realm there would be the remaining 97 intelligence units.

So, if instead you worked on improving your unconscious intelligence then a 10% improvement
would give you…
10% x 97 units
+9.7 units increase in your intelligence!

Wow.  A 10% improvement in the unconscious realm is over 30x more than powerful than an equivalent improvement in the conscious realm.
You’ve got to LOVE that insight.

And that’s why we choose to specialise in shifting unconscious mindset programming, strategies and patterns.

As you read the Success Tips be sure to pay special attention to the ones that show you how to shift your unconscious patterns.  The power in them is surprising!