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Freedom begins with…

Freedom begins with…

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Taking 100% ownership for everything we experience. The good, bad & ugly.

Counter intuitive, isn’t it.

The critical point is, when we believe that others are responsible for making our lives better or worse we give them control – control over how we feel and what we do.

Whether it’s fact or not, when we choose to believe we’re responsible for everything we experience we create a platform from which we can create true freedom.

It’s moving from “someone or something did this to me” to “I attracted or created this in my life for a purpose”. And then taking action based on that deep level of ownership.

Because, your ownership level of any situation is directly proportional to your ability to change YOUR experience of the situation.  No matter the starting point as soon as the 100% Ownership choice is made you’re suddenly in control of creating something better in your future.

Take the example of being pressured to do something you don’t want to do.  While you choose to believe the other person is pushy and should be nicer, your level of ownership is 0%.  And, your ability to change the situation is 0% too. You have given the pushy person total control – they must change for your life to improve.

But, by owning that YOU created the situation you gain the power to change it.  You create the freedom and the space to take control through saying “No” or assisting on your terms etc.

Taking 100% ownership seems counter intuitive but the freedom it creates is extraordinary.