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How to Uncover Your Unconscious Money Hooks & Eliminate Them

Be honest about what your first answer was!  (No matter how silly, untrue, irrelevant, funny or Ok you think it was). To uncover the money hooks that are holding you back you need the ability to be honest with yourself.  It sounds simple enough but my experience is that most people find true self honesty…
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How LOGICAL People LIMIT Business

The basics of business are logical. You make sales of X That costs you Y So the Profit, Z, is X take away Y. Z = X – Y It’s all very logical. And quite simple too. But this is just the surface of business. Imagine an accounting company of 500 people that’s highly organised…
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The key to wealth is not your pay packet

It comes down to 4 fool proof steps… In 10 years of working in finance I can confirm a household income of $300,000 can lead to significantly less wealth than a household income of just $100,000.  Indeed, a higher income can sometimes make it more difficult to become wealthy. Intelligence in the traditional sense of…
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