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How LOGICAL People LIMIT Business

How LOGICAL People LIMIT Business

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The basics of business are logical.
You make sales of X
That costs you Y
So the Profit, Z, is X take away Y.

Z = X – Y
It’s all very logical.
And quite simple too.

But this is just the surface of business.

Imagine an accounting company of 500 people that’s highly organised and efficient. It’s been going for 30 years and everyone knows the company policy of what they should do, when they should do it and how they should go about it.  Sounds great.

Until you compare it…

Compare it to a company of 500 people where everyone is following their heartfelt passion AND at the same time coming together to achieve a company mission of bringing the absolute best of traditional and leading edge accounting to medium sized businesses.

I know which company I’d rather use!

So, Yes, business can be logical and simple.
BUT, if we focus on just the numbers of businesses,
the results will always be limited.

Because the best of business is driven by emotion.

Passionate leaders are driven by emotion.
Self-inspired team members are driven by emotion.
Innovation and creativity are driven by emotion.
Congruent and authentic action is driven by emotion.

Our customers even buy based on emotion.
(That’s another fact to discuss later!)

So while business is apparently logical, that’s only on the surface.
The key to remember is that the real profits are powered by emotion.

If you’re looking to take yourself your company, your business unit or a corporation to the highest of heights, avoid the trap of more & more technical skills and start getting curious about how to get your intelligent & logical people tapped into the true power underneath their logic. The results will be amazing.

InspireTribe excel in showing senior execs and business owners how to thrive using the structure of logic and the self inspired power of emotion.