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Do you wrestle with “The Winner’s CHALLENGE”?

Do you wrestle with “The Winner’s CHALLENGE”?

No matter your lot in life there are challenges.

It’s easy to believe that when people have money they have fewer challenges.  But the opposite is often the case.  In fact, from a certain point (beyond having access to basic food, shelter and clean water) it can start to get quite tough.

It’s the “Winner’s Challenge” and it’s a case of the more privileged your lot, the bigger your challenge.

But how can that be? Surely the more you have, the easier it is to be happier… right?

Well, actually, “No. It’s not right!”

Our experience over the years, across a large cross section of people is that being wealthy brings with it significant challenges that many are not equipped to face.  Granted, they’re not challenges of physical survival.

They’re more on the mental & emotional level.
But they’re just as real as the physical challenges and most people wrestle with these challenges every day.

Because, the more you have in life…
The harder it is to blame your environment for the way you feel,
The harder it is to blame a lack of money for the way you feel,

The harder it is to blame those around you for the way you feel.

For many, the hardest time is when they finally realise
they have no-one else to blame for the way that they feel
– except themselves.

It’s a reality check.
It’s a crisis point.
It’s bloody confronting.

The cure? That’s confronting too!

Confrontingly simple.

Take responsibility.

This may include the need to:

Own your self-doubt.

Own your need to put others before yourself.

Own your inability to let go of the past.
Own the fact that you know you’re successful but you don’t feel it!

… to name just a few.

Because with ownership comes CHOICE.

The choice to change and move on.
And therein lies tremendous possibility.

Freedom.  Happiness.  Joy & Love.

And, even more financial success too!
(It’s not nearly as necessary, but paradoxically it comes more effortlessly!)

Every day we work with individuals (business owners, leaders & private clients too) who have decided to try on “ownership”.

For some it’s a totally new challenge.
For others, it’s a challenge to go to an even deeper level.

For all, it’s a challenge that eventually becomes a delightful game.

The challenge of living a freer life.

The challenge of being happy each & every day
The challenge of creating a more joy & love filled life.

It’s a challenge to be sure.

The delightful challenge of doing well.