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The True LEADERS Of Today

The True LEADERS Of Today

The True LEADERS Of Today

Long gone are the days when the leader could set a company vision and trust that the team would be happy to work towards that goal diligently.

In the early centuries, leaders could be dogmatic –
    “Do it my way or pay with your life!”

By the 1900’s diligence was the order of the day –
    “Do it the right way together, and it will be far more efficient.”

By the late 1900’s determination was required –
    “Work harder & smarter we need to stay ahead of the pack!”

The new millennium has seen leaders pondering,
    “Where to from here? How do we continue to differentiate?”

Because, by the time Gen-Y entered the workforce a clear shift had occurred.

A shift towards the need to be able to lead individuals (each keen to find and fulfil their own purpose) such that together they also achieve a collective higher purpose.

To many this will feel like the impossible task of herding cats!

Enter the Conscious Leader, the true leader of today.

The Conscious Leader is a self-evolving leader.  Capable of consciously freeing themselves of the paradigms of the past and from the limitations inherent in right/wrong thinking.

They have the ability to be consciously expansive & embracive within themselves – displaying centeredness, congruency and purpose at ever evolving levels.

In doing so they give a gift to those under their influence and around them – they become the difference that makes a difference – inspiring others to ‘follow’ by taking their own path to a destination of a collective higher purpose.

Conscious Leaders will be essential to the ongoing health of every company.

Do you have enough of these leaders in your organisation?