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How To Become 10x More Effective

How To Become 10x More Effective

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The quickest way to become more effective is to get seriously creative about how you can STOP! Doing the things you don’t like to do. We kid you not.

You see when you stop doing the things you hate doing…

  • You gain back the time you spent doing that task.
  • You also gain the time you would have spent procrastinating about doing the task you hated too!
  • You’ll save on the energy it took to commit to the task (this is true even if you’re good at being disciplined).


  • You’ll have more time to do the things you love to do.

The latter is separated as it’s an important one!!
Because, when you gain time by stopping doing the things you dislike in life AND you start doing more of what you love in life then…

You’ll feel happier doing the things you’ve chosen to do,
and you’ll feel better about yourself because you’ve taken the time listen to what you feel you want to do…
rather than being driven by what you think you “should” do.

That’s a critical shift.
A shift that will mean:

  • You’ll have for more energy.
  • You’ll exude more passion.
  • You’ll move into flow and become self-inspired.

And, with more energy, passion, flow & inspiration…

  • You’ll become 10x more effective than you’ve been!
  • You’ll be of better service to those around you.

The best part is the benefits don’t stop there.

Because when all of the above happens…

  • You’ll be more attractive to others.
  • You’ll have people want you on their team and
    even want you leading their team.
  • You’ll even be able to command a higher income.

All that comes simply through you simply making the decision to stop doing the things you dislike doing the most!

So grab a post it note and write down at the top of it:
“Things to STOP…”

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 Write 3 things down.
Stick that post-it note on your monitor.

Let your unconscious mind go to work on making it happen.