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How to very simply ADD 20% to your income

How to very simply ADD 20% to your income

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In today’s world skills and competency are a commodity.  It’s so easy to learn a new skill in any area and, with a relatively small investment, find someone to assist you to master it to a high degree.Certainty in the knowledge you have of your craft and certainty in your ability to add value through using it is the rare commodity.  I’m not talking about the fake-it-till-you-make-it kind of bravado.  I’m talking about true, congruent certainty.  The kind that allows you to be upfront about what you know you know and to confidently own when you’ll need to do more research.

Most of your customers would love to have more certainty themselves.  More importantly for you, your customers want to see confidence in YOU when they are paying for you to help them – because a person who is certain in their ability is a far safer bet than someone who second guesses themselves.

Try these on:

“I think I can fix your problem of X
within a few days for about $300”

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“For $360, I will have your problem of X
solved by tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. Guaranteed.”

Whether you’re an employee, a tradesperson or a service professional, low self certainty will limit you to market rates, at best.  This will hold true no matter your skill level.


So if you wish to increase your income:

·         Be good at what you do
·         Get certain about what you know
and what you don’t know.
·         Confidently share that certainty with those around you.

If you know you’re good but you have an unconscious ‘something’ holding you back from being certain around it give us a call.  The investment you make to shift that ‘something’ through mindset coaching will be repaid many times over once you can move forward with certainty.