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The KEY to eliminating BAD HABITS!

The KEY to eliminating BAD HABITS!

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Bad habits hook you and hold you back.  Getting rid of them allows you to flow in your life.The key to eliminating them quickly and easily is to know that  bad habits give you something that is good.  And that this is the case for ALL of your bad habits…  Anger, frustration, over-eating, laziness, procrastination… you name it, it’s the same.  Bad habits give positive hits.

The reason this is true is because human beings are pleasure seeking machines.  We do the best we can, with the skills we have, to create pleasure for ourselves.

And, bad habits come about because at some stage we got a reward just after the ‘bad habit’.  We’ve consciously forgotten the event but our unconscious remembers that when we did X (bad habit) we got Y (something positive) and so we continue to repeat the pattern of X to get the reward of Y that we unconsciously want.

download (17)Some simple examples may help…
Anger may be linked to people listen to me
Over-eating may be linked to  I feel comforted
Sulking may be linked to someone gives me attention

The positive hit for bad habits will be different for everyone. Knowing what your positive hit is, is where the power lies.

The absolute beauty of knowing the above is it highlights just how easy it can be to change some seriously bad habits!

The steps are super simple:
1.       Pin-point a bad habit you want to eliminate
2.       Determine what the ‘postive hit’ is
(sometimes this is really easy, sometimes it can take a bit of digging)
3.       Work out a way to get the positive hit without using the bad habit.
(Brain storm or ask someone else for ideas)

Too easy!

Enjoy finding & eliminating some of your bad habits.