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What your work SCREAMS about you

What your work SCREAMS about you

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Warning: Proceed with caution. This Success tip may be a little confronting!

There’s a powerful statement, that, when applied with rigor, can be life changing.

Your work environment, that is, the space you work in & the people you spend the majority of your time with, is a direct reflection of YOU as a person.

Is it true? Maybe, maybe not, but let’s try it on for fun…

Whether you’re a business owner, a new intern in a global corporation or a senior manager in the same, your work environment reflects what you value. (Stay with us!)

It can feel only partly true. There may be lots you feel is not reflective of you…  Aggressive colleagues, manipulative clients, ungrateful bosses etc.

And yet we do choose it, because we’re there, day after day.

What might your work environment say about you?

Only you will know for sure but here are some common themes…

* a lazy colleague that dumps work on you may reflect martyr tendencies
* incompetent employees may reflect a need to control and feel superior
* an aggressive boss may reflect a willingness to play victim

download (1)These are examples only (& we’ve focussed on the challenging aspects because that aspect usually reflects something we previously weren’t aware of about ourselves).

The key is, when we take true responsibility for ourselves, OUR decisions & OUR actions we gain the freedom to own ALL that we create. In doing so we also gain the opportunity to change it.

If you’d like to try this on for yourself…

Think: What about your work environment do you most dislike?
Make-up: 3 things this could possibly reflect
Feel: which one feels most true for you
Use: how can you use this to change for the better

Enjoy the reflection, and thanks for being a good sport!