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Fast Track with Feedback

Fast Track with Feedback

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Feedback: Some say get as much as you can; others say ignore it unless it’s from a select few.   We say, feedback is the fast track to your personal & business success.  If you’re not consistently seeking it & acting on it you’re taking the slow road.

Your mindset around feedback is critical.

How many of the beliefs below do you currently embrace?

As a receiver: 

  • Take all feedback graciously, remembering what you do with it is always up to YOU.
  • How you react to the feedback is as essential as the feedback itself. So take notice.
  • No matter the feedback or who it came from, a strong adverse reaction to it indicates you DO have some work to do.
  • If you miss feedback the first time, relax.  Rest assured, you’ll hear it again!
  • You needn’t respect a person to get good feedback from them.


  • Honest feedback is the hardest to get – treasure the person who can give it to you.
  • Direct feedback from a trusted mentor is priceless.  Pay handsomely for it if you need to.
  • The feedback itself changes nothing.  Your willingness to make a shift based on hearing it changes everything.
  • If you’re not ready to hear the feedback, it’s ok to let it go.

As a giver:

  • Don’t assume someone wants your feedback. Ask for permission to give it.
  • If someone asks for feedback, give them your honest opinion or say nothing.
  • Never give feedback with the expectation the receiver should act on it.
  • What someone chooses to do with your feedback is none of your business. Your feedback says as much about you as about them so think before you speak.

Which ones do you need to start embracing?