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The stark reality of being in a rut

The stark reality of being in a rut

The stark reality of being in a rut

A rut in life is an interesting place to be, on the surface it doesn’t appear to be a big issue.  After all, you’re going along ok… you’ve not fallen into a big hole yet and you haven’t hit a brick wall either.  So it’s not that bad, right?

Wrong.  A rut’s a  s l o w  r o a d  to a place where you “should” feel happy but you simply don’t.   :-/    Falling into ‘hole’ or hitting a ’wall’ might cause you chaos for a day, a week or even a few months but, a rut… that can consume years and even decades of your life.  In fact, a rut can reduce a potentially brilliant life into a very ordinary one.

A rut’s created when you seek to make others feel happy and loved at the expense of yourself.  You do what you think you should do instead of what you feel you want  to do.  Your loved ones happily cheer you on as they think their happiness makes you happy.

It sounds like a selfless act.  And certainly, it may start out that way.  But in doing this YOU lose out and then, unfortunately so do all of your loved ones around you.

This is because an individual in a rut eventually becomes a ball of tired resentment instead of the delightful human being that their partner fell in love with.

The key to getting out of a rut is to determine what really lights YOU up.  Then, identify what you need to STOP doing, what you need to START doing and how, eventually, you make all of that work for those around you too.