How to make 2015 a year of Inspired Action

How to make 2015 a year of Inspired Action

When you’re young you have so much energy.
Time seems endless. In fact you’ve got so much time you sometimes feel bored.
Remember being bored?
It may have been a long time ago!

Age brings more responsibility & more ‘to do’s’
It also brings an awareness of the finiteness of time.
Our method of deciding what action to take & how much time to spend doing it determines our success & fulfilment.

Enter inspiration.
The key to making decisions that lead us to inspired action which in turn leads us to fulfilment.

You see there are good decisions, bad decisions, slow decisions & fast decisions.
And then there are inspired decisions – the ones that see us effortlessly sailing toward our true North.
They’re the ones we want to be making, consistently.

But how do we actively create inspired decisions & harness the power of inspired action?

First we need to get clear on inspiration:

Acknowledge the possible sources.
The source of the inspiration could be anything. A book. A song. A chance meeting. A smell that triggers a memory that leads to a new, inspirational thought… it could be any of these and a whole lot more. There’s no right or wrong here.

Know & feel what inspiration is not.
Inspiration is not heavy, it’s not tiring & it’s certainly not draining.
It’s not a “must”, nor a “have to”. It’s not even a “should”
Inspiration has nothing to do with obligation.

Know & feel what inspiration is.
Inspiration is a source of energy & flow. It feels light, free & uplifting.
It’s a “possibility”, a “could” and a “would love to”. It’s certainly a potential source of passion.
Inspiration comes in the form of a tiny seed. And it’s what you do with the seed that counts.

Note: Too many people find a seeds of inspiration only to turn their back on them – they don’t plant them and they certainly don’t water them. So nothing grows. Don’t do that with your seeds. Plant them and imagine the possibility of what the future may bring for them because…

Sow the Seed & Water it.
When a moment produces inspiration enjoy the sweetness of it! And, just as importantly, take the seed from that moment and sow it. Sowing the seed of inspiration can be as simple as consciously acknowledging it & watering it is to feel into the joy it brings. It could also be writing down the inspired thought, talking about it with someone else or labelling it in your own mind and linking it to something that will see you remembering it again in the future.

Allow it to grow.
Given attention & time, a seed of inspiration will grow.
It might not happen with all of them and it may not be immediately. (It might be like the bamboo seed that lays dormant for 5 years before it grows extraordinarily quickly.)

You’ll know a seed of inspiration is ready to grow when you FEEL compelled to take action.
In that instant making a decision to do something about your inspiration feels fun & light.
It may feel unfamiliar too… that’s ok. You’ll enjoy the discomfort, that’s the thing about inspired action – even the uncomfortable feels good!

The action you choose to take could be small or big.
Either way it’ll feel right & exciting.
When you’re working with inspiration there’ll be an abundance of energy. Maybe not every minute of every day but far more often than not.

The best thing about taking inspired action is that the more you do it, the more new seeds of inspiration you produce. It’s like the Australian native grass… the Poa. To start with, you need to lovingly plant a few and water them in for a couple of weeks. But within a season they become healthy and self sustaining. AND, they start to self generate. Not crazy, weed like reproduction. It’s easily manageable, bountiful, self generating growth. Yay!

That’s the benefit of inspired inspired action.

And, if you start noticing the seeds of inspiration now, you’ll have lots to plant by the start of 2015 and by the end of the year you’ll have a whole field of inspired actions to enjoy!