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Using Free-Flow Writing to capture a Stream of Consciousness

Using Free-Flow Writing to capture a Stream of Consciousness

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You’re looking to capture a Stream of Consciousness.

The InspireTribe free-flow writing rules are really simple.

Open an email.
Set the timer for 10 mins.
Then start tapping away.
Don’t stop.
Keep writing.
About what?
whatever you like!
What’s been happening.
How you FEEL about it.
(The latter is important – write about your feelings!)

Whatever you do,
Just keep writing.
Even if you don’t know what to write.
Just keep writing.
Never mind the spelling or punctuation.
Just keep writing.

If you get stuck, just type what’s happening
“I’ve gone blank, I feel nothing@=!”
“I’m just waffling, it feels RANDOM”
Whatever feels right for you.

When you pause in your head… to find a word
the right word for you
then I want you to hit the [Enter] or the [Return] key
.…. To start a new line.

It’s not necessarily a new sentence,
just a pause
in your thinking.

One of the number of reasons for this format is
it will allow you to re-read your own writing.

Quite quickly and easily.

And then assess before you hit the save (or send!) button
that it represents how you FEEL.

You want to start seeing,
and being able to reflect upon,
how your thinking makes you feel.
When the timer goes off…. STOP
or NOT!

Keep going if you’re in flow.

But you can stop if you feel it’s time.
Avoid editing if at all possible.
Simply put your own email address in the [To:] box and hit [SEND]!
That’s it.
Too easy.

Don’t write for anyone else. Just write for you.

What Next? 

Do this 10 times (as a minimum)
over 2 weeks.

Then put the kettle on, print them out,
and sit down with a cup of tea to read through them all.

Read to see who you have been.
Sometimes nothing else is required!

Simply seeing who we are being
can leave you feeling satisfied and happy…
Or it can be the catalyst for an instant and effortless shift
as unconscious patterns are consciously witnessed.

If the shift is desired but the change doesn’t come so easily.
Feel free to give InspireTribe a call!
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