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The ALIVE GAP You feel great but financially there’s further to go!

The ALIVE GAP You feel great but financially there’s further to go!

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The ALIVE GAP You feel great but financially there’s further to go!

I’ve been writing a series of articles
about Closing Gaps.
Not the physical kind of gaps
the intangible, elusive ones
that we have within us.

The Quadrant of 5 pictured above
outlines the different gaps
and why they exist.

In this article, let’s take a journey
and delve into what I like to call

We KNOW we have this type of gap
when we FEEL
we have more potential
when we HEAR
that others can see something in us
and yet we can’t quite access it.

When we have this gap
we can look at the work we do
without a hint of arrogance
we can acknowledge
it’s worth.
Indeed, others may praise us
for our talents.
But, despite our obvious gifts
we seem to fail to
make the most of them.

We can have the ALIVE GAP within
and still feel comfortable
about ourselves.
So, an individual in this quadrant
is likely to be ticking many boxes
physically, emotionally, socially,
and spiritually.

But, financially
the true story will be told.
Because this is the quadrant
where the numbers don’t lie.

Whether you’re a socialist
or a capitalist
your bank balance will tell you
you have relied on PRESSURE
to tell you when you need to focus
on your internal thoughts & feelings
in order to step up
and become
a better version of yourself.



If you exist
in the far left of the quadrant
your financial aspirations
will be quite a way away
from your reality.

You may be making a great income
and you may feel pretty good
within yourself
but because you only grow
when under pressure
your money tends to disappear
almost as quickly as it came.

And, no matter the size of your income
you’ll not have a very big buffer
to rely on in times of need
because most of what comes in
goes out again.

The reason for this is
you’ll be willing to work hard
in business
and on yourself too
when you FEEL you NEED to.

And when you do so
the financial gains come.
as soon as the PRESSURE is eased
you stop pushing
you relax
and the gains you have made
are lost.

Some will cause it self-sabotage
some will call it procrastinating
and others will justify
that life’s too good
to always be working!

No matter the logic
the result is similar
– either your income drops
or you become flippant with your money
and, without thinking
you spend most of what you earn.



On the far right of this quadrant
you’ll be feeling good
and your bank balance
will be pretty good too.

Not that you’ll be a millionaire, necessarily
but your net asset position
will reflect
(or even slightly exceed)
your aspirations.

To others you may appear to be
at the top of your game
but you will know within yourself
you’ve still got a whole lot more to give.
So, you’ll have enough financially
but you’ll want to deliver
more Public Value.

Most often the ALIVE GAP occurs
because we have learnt to rely on
PRESSURE in order to grow.
But, because this isn’t sustainable
over the longer term
we’ll end up heading
down one of three main paths:

  • We end up snapping
    or breaking down
    under the weight of the pressure
    and that catastrophic life event
    will see us either slipping into the
    SURVIVAL quadrant.
  • The same as above but we learn
    (the hard way) to feel good
    without the need for pressure.
  • We end up consciously avoiding pressure
    as we know we can’t sustain it.
    So while we feel ALIVE
    we are limited to certain environments
    in order to sustain that feeling.

Being in the ALIVE Quadrant
can be a frustrating position.
Because you do feel good
within yourself.
You just don’t know how to consistently
expand and share
those good feelings.

The key to moving
from the ALIVE Quadrant
to the Thrive & Arrive sections
is to shift our core growth driver
from a
NEED/PRESSURE based driver
to a WANT/DESIRE based one.

Put another way
it’s to shift from
the pressure of MOTIVATION
to the internal desire
that comes from INSPIRATION.

And in doing so
we become an individual
who becomes capable of consistently
connecting with, adding value to
and inspiring more and more people.

And as we are able to share
the good feelings that we have within us
with more and more people
the ALIVE GAP is closed and we
being to THRIVE and
we have the chance
to eventually ARRIVE.

that can help us to shift from
PRESSURE based growth
to DESIRE based growth

1)  Create a STOP & START list.

What are 5 things you hate doing?
What are 5 things you love doing?
Focus on STOPing the HATE tasks
And STARTing the LOVE tasks.

How does this help?
This task is DESIRE based
and it will see you becoming creative
as you consciously focus on seeking to feel better.
And in doing more of what you love
and less of what you don’t love
you’ll find you have heaps more energy
so you’ll be able to assist a greater number of people.


2)  Ask “For what purpose?”

Ask it regularly.
And ask it multiple times in a row!

When you do so you’ll start to become aware
of exactly what is driving you.
And, naturally, you’ll stop doing a few things
that have no real purpose
and you’ll free up time and energy
to start doing things that do.
As well, when you’re really clear on
WHY you want to do something
you have the natural DESIRE to grow
into being the person who can get the job done.


3)  Take the FAST TRACK!

You may have seen this link before
but you may not have clicked on it!
If you want to know how to close the ALIVE GAP, fast…
Check out this video.

At InspireTribe we have a proven logical method*
that shows you how to get addicted (in a positive way!)
to the joy of internal growth.
And when you’ve got that DESIRE
it’s so easy to THRIVE and
before you know it you’ll ARRIVE at that space
where you feel amazing about yourself
and everything in your life.

The Alive Gap is a good place to be.
Focus on joy that comes from growth
and you will step into an amazing version of yourself.

With warmth, Nikk


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