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Your financial success still leaves you wanting for more…

Your financial success still leaves you wanting for more…



When you’ve got financial success
but you don’t feel amazing.

In my last article I looked at the challenge
of having an internal GAP:
It’s created when we THINK
our life is relatively good
but we just don’t FEEL great within ourselves.
Or, we feel ok but we KNOW there’s more!

This week, let’s look at GAPs in a bit more detail.

The “Quadrant of 5” pictured helps unpack the
types of internal gaps that can exist within us
why the gaps come about and
how to close them.

This week we’ll start with
what is often the least obvious gap:

This internal gap occurs
when we focus on reaching external goals.
That is, goals outside of ourselves.

For example:

  • To create a very profitable business
  • To achieve a 5 million dollar net asset position
  • To have a home and 3 investment properties

Most often, the gap becomes very obvious
once an individual has reached
(or surpassed)
their desired level of financial success.

Though sometimes an individual will plateau
and lose the desire, motivation and energy
to continue pursuing their goal(s).
And that too, is a sign of this internal gap.

To the outside world, all is well.
But despite achieving financial targets
(or being well on the way to doing so)
this individual will feel an enormous sense of lack
and often their energy levels are erratic and
on a downwards slope.

At the extreme of this state
you can be exceedingly wealthy
and still feel a massive gap within.

The gap comes about because
your core drivers are EXTERNALLY based.

There’s been a strong DESIRE to achieve
and so success comes your way
but because the driver is externally based
it doesn’t give the internal fulfilment
that you may have been seeking.
(It likely does while you’re pursuing the goal
but the success of achieving it
leaves you with a hollow feeling).

Usually you’ll have worked hard for
a certain level of financial success
or industry notoriety.
You may have enjoyed striving to
provide for your family
a nice house in a good suburb
private schooling
future security
as well seeking to make a bit extra
for all of those trips and toys
that are supposed to make us feel good.

The challenge is, the older you get
the shorter the ‘high’ of achieving lasts for.
And you start to realise
that ticking another item off the list
is not going to make you feel much better.

Externally, you look like you’ve got it all sorted.
Internally, you know you’re on a downward trend.

For a “lucky” few
a major life event may give you
the shock you need change your focus.

A divorce
an unexpected redundancy
a messy business break up
or even
a life threatening diagnosis.

But for most
life goes on without such a dire shift
and the external focus leads you to feeling like
last year is not that much different to this year.
And you start to wonder
surely, there must be more!

On the outside you’re successful
and everything looks great.
But on the inside you are still far from content.

The gap comes about
because there’s an underlying belief
that when you succeed externally
THEN you get to feel good.

That is,
when you find the right partner
when you buy the house
when you achieve that career success
when you have financially secure future
THEN you get to feel good.

This belief system can be quite powerful
until you’re about 40.
But by the time you reach that age
you’re usually aware
the hit of those external wins
is no longer as great as it used to be.

There’s something missing.

The key to closing the gap
in this case
is to learn to look within.
It’s to let go of the pursuit of more external trappings
not forever
but for long enough to see what else there is.

Because external success
can never and will never
fill the internal voids we have within us.
It’s only by connecting to our true self
that we can fill the gap and truly ARRIVE.

Physical practices that will assist you to find your way
in the apparently illogical (but very critical)
pursuit of feeling more ALIVE
so you can eventually feel that you have ARRIVED

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Books that may assist include:

But by far the quickest option to
fast track your way to that space
is by logically looking beyond logic
with Mindset Mentoring.

When you’ve learnt how to connect to yourself
so that you feel more alive
you can move beyond striving to thriving
and eventually to arriving.

If you want to get clear
on how to close that gap FAST
Check out this video.
InspireTribe have a proven logical method
that shows you how to fast track the process
of closing the gap.

(And, paradoxically, the internal focus
will see you achieving better external results
more easily!)

With warmth, Nikk

PS. Do you have a successful friend (or partner) who is still striving for more?  Sometimes it’s easier for someone who knows us well to see that a gap exists within us.  If you feel that might be the case for someone you know and respect please forward this email on to them, it could be just the right information and just the right time.

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