What to do when “Life’s great BUT you don’t feel great…”

What to do when “Life’s great BUT you don’t feel great…”


Closing the Gap.

Today’s thoughts
are important thoughts.

Because the challenge of not feeling great
when you have a great life
is a very real challenge.

It looks something like this.
You’re making good money.
You have a lovely home.
You might have a wonderful partner.
And you may even have ‘super’ kids.

Hell, your friends probably respect you
for what you have created.

On the surface everything is good.
And it feels solid too.
BUT, there’s a GAP.

In one way you feel good, even great.
But, under the surface,
it doesn’t feel quite as amazing.
(In some cases it might feel quite average)

You know it SHOULD feel absolutely amazing
because you’ve got
pretty much everything you wanted.
And, the few problems you do have
are first world problems.
Which means, it’s easy to feel
there’s really nothing
to legitimately complain about…

You know you SHOULD feel deeply grateful.
And you know that if you spoke to most people
about that underlying feeling you have
they’d say something like
“Ohhh, but you’re doing so well!”
or “You should try meditation”
or “Try writing a grateful journal”
and then some of your less sensitive friends
might simply say
“Toughen up, you’ve got a great life”.

But if you’ve tried to do all of these
then you’ll likely know
those suggestions
only make that underlying feeling
go away for a day, a week
or a few months at best.
And, then ‘the GAP’ comes back.

This is because the challenge of not feeling great
when everything says you should feel great
is not going to be solved with logic.
Well, not with ‘normal’ logic anyway.

A challenge like this
requires higher level thinking.
You need to go beyond your current logic…

It’s a mindset shift that you need.

And that, by it’s very nature
may be illogical to you at first.
The size of the shift required
will depend on the size of the gap.
And it will also determines
what tools and techniques
are likely to work.
(And we’ll cover off on that next week!)

In the meantime, take the First Step
to Closing the Gap today…
Click here to get clearer
on what types of gaps there are
and to get an over of what’s possible.

And, look out for next week’s article!

With warmth, Nikk


PS. If you’re not great at noticing how you feel, click here because if you’re highly logical and you’re not great at valuing your feelings you actually have far more potential than you can possibly imagine!

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