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An Eclectic List of Mindset Tips

An Eclectic List of Mindset Tips

Design Your Decade

List of Mindset Tips

Now and then
I like to read through a list
of random but good ideas.
They’re all a bit different,
but they go together.
I like it because usually,
either one idea really resonates
(it’s the right idea, at just the right time)
or, together they help to shift my state
and see me working at a higher level.

Here’s my slightly eclectic list
of short mindset tips for you.

Our Thinking is FLAWED!

We have a stunning number of cognitive biases.
The following infographic
outlines just how flawed our thinking really is.

Click here to enlarge image

Our conscious THINKING
is constantly being manipulated and affected by our
unconscious FEELINGS.

So rather than deny the reality
we’re far better off to own the need to improve
our emotional intelligence.
That is, getting our thinking and our feeling
working well together.

When we do that we are learning
to acknowledge and work with our feelings
rather than hoping (in vein)
that we can work around them.

Meditate Each Morning

Although it’s becoming far more main stream
through wellness programmes and the like,
many people still view meditation as well…
a little too hippie-ish
or as important,
just not more important than ‘doing stuff’.
But even spending five minutes to
sit and literally DO nothing,
can actually improve your overall mood.

It works because when you sit and do ‘nothing’
you have time to focus on
what thoughts are going through your head
and if you do it often enough
you will also start to notice
how your feelings change
as your thoughts change.

And, without any further training,
you’ll start to notice the important issues in your life
that you REALLY need to focus on
when you stop doing ‘nothing’
and start DOING something.

Meditation is not the quickest way to shift your life.
But, it is one of the easiest ways to improve it
in the short term
and it can lead to consistent incremental improvement
over the long term
if it’s practiced on a regular basis.

Write Two Emails to Yourself Each Week

It’s not a journal. Really.
This is you writing to you.
Putting your thinking into B&W.

It can help you to find clarity during difficult situations
especially if you get into the habit of writing
about twice a week.

What will happen
is that you will begin to see patterns.

And once you start to see your patterns
you have a hope of shifting them.
Before that happens, nothing will change!

Ask “What are you grateful for?” at Dinner

This will help you find joy in little things
and be more appreciative.
Like attracts like.
Ungrateful people attract ungratefulness.

So you don’t want to be that!

If you’ve got kids,
get them in on this discussion too.
If they’re younger they’ll love it.
If they’re older they may need it.

No matter their age, this question:
Teaches them the art of appreciation
Connects you to what lights them up
And, on the tough days
when you aren’t feeling particularly grateful yourself,
they’re likely to help you get back on track
by asking you this simple question of you.

Read a Book on a Random Self-Help Topic

You may be surprised at how useful this can be.
When you read a book,
on how to deal with a topic
that’s not actually an issue for you
a number of things happen…

You get to learn the lessons more easily
(you’re not in emotional pain,
so the theory is easier to digest).

The learnings are likely to be useful in other areas.
(I read a book on how to get over
your other half cheating…
it’s never happened to me,
but the advice applied beautifully to business
and other relationships just as well!).

You can empathise more with someone who
has been affected by that issue
or who lives life from that viewpoint.
(I read about polyamorous relationships.
It’s not for me,
but it expanded my thinking
and helped me to be more open-minded
and much more accepting).

Drink More Water

Aside from the fact your body needs water to survive,
there are many other associated benefits
of drinking water.

When you are thoroughly hydrated,
you brain remains alert.
Consider it to be like watering your garden…
A little keeps the plants alive.
A lot will allow them to thrive.

Learn Something New

Make 2018 the year where you focus on
self-improvement and a time where you
challenge your brain in new and exciting ways.

Maybe you looking to get couples coaching
so you can take your relationship to a whole new level.

Or you could get a fitness coach.

Whatever it is, make it different
so that at the end of 2018
you can enjoy the fruits of expanding your life.

Finish Something You Started…
But Never Completed

Whether it’s something you started around the home,
or something you vowed you’d do just for you.

Break it down into smaller, more achievable chunks
and set aside time each week to chip away at it.

As well as gaining the satisfaction
of getting a job done
you get the added satisfaction of completing
one that was a personal challenge for you.

Remove Toxic People from Your Life

While I’m a big believer of personal growth
and seeking to become the person
who can deal with anyone and everyone.
I’m also a believer of
the importance of holding personal boundaries.

If you are constantly giving and not receiving
with a certain person in your life,
or you have someone who doesn’t respect your feelings,
maybe it’s time to re-evaluate having them in your life,
especially if they are constantly taking advantage
of your willingness to personally grow and evolve.

Removing toxic people from your life is easier
said than done, but unhealthy relationships
drain you of energy
that you could direct in more positive ways.

If you enjoyed reading this blog
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