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Which best describes
 how you’re showing up today?

Which best describes
 how you’re showing up today?

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Are you

are you one of the few
(not only to yourself
but others too)?

While many of us start out
being inspired by someone or something
and some of us are lucky enough
to start off being self-inspired
my experience is
few manage to maintain their inspiration
and even fewer manage to be inspiring
to those around them.

I find that how individuals show up at work
is defined primarily by a mix of
one’s age and
one’s level of EQ or EI
(emotional intelligence).
I say ‘primarily’ as luck plays a small part too.

But the good news is,
no matter where you are now
(or what track you would naturally end up on)
it’s possible to become INSPIRING
both to yourself
and to others too!

Check out the paths below.


The uninspired can sometimes look inspired
but they’re actually not,
they’re MOTIVATED instead.
And there is a BIG difference.
Inspiration is fulfilling, effortless and uplifting.
It grows over time.
Motivation is energising and can be powerful
but it declines over time.

The UNINSPIRED focus on EXTERNAL wins:

  • Being intelligent
  • Being good at their job
  • Winning
  • Achieving

And they start off doing
what they THINK they should do:

  • Doing the right or smart thing
  • Taking action
  • Working hard, efficiently,
  • effectively and productively

If this is you, then by the age of 40
there are a number of ways you may show up:

1. You might be successful
but if you are, then you’ll likely be
wondering why you bothered.

2. You’ll have settled after deciding
that what you have
is all that your life has got to give you.

3. If you haven’t settled yet, you may be
quite cynical and subtly criticise
or downplay the ‘fairy tale’ idea
of having an extraordinary life.
(After-all, that deep fulfilment
and extreme success is just a BS story
that movies pump out… right?)

4. If you’ve got great stamina
you may still be determinedly pushing forward.
If this is the case,
you’ll likely NEED to exercise.
You’ll tell yourself you love it,
but deep down you’ll know
it’s more like an addiction.
(Because life is good
if you can go to the gym or for a run,
but it gets sad & sorry when you can’t)

That’s because if you’re in this space
then to sustain the internal drive you have
you need to exercise to get
a reliable and regular dopamine hit.

But the older you get, the less this will work
and instead of the exercise helping you
to push forward, it starts to become
a lifeline to keep you afloat.

5. And then, there will be a few
who have already crashed and burned.
Depression, divorce or a break-down
will have made its mark on you.

If you find yourself in the UNINSPIRED space,
don’t despair, there is hope!


The previously inspired may have grown up
believing that life could be amazing
or they may have been lucky enough to
land in a job or a role that felt amazing to them.
Either way, they had passion in their hearts
and dreams to bring alive.
But over time the day to day grind of life
gradually beat that out of them.

The previously inspired started off doing
what they FELT they should do:

  • Something that lit them up and
  • Something they felt deeply passionate about.

But they will have benchmarked their success
using EXTERNAL markers.
So, when things didn’t go as planned
and when people didn’t react as expected,
they gradually lost their confidence,
they lost their energy too,
and they will have started to settle for
what they thought was more realistic.

Over time, using EXTERNAL benchmarks
of success leads to them no longer
trusting how they FEEL.

And so, by the age of 40
they’ll likely feel UNINSPIRED.
They may believe they’ve run their race,
or that their best years are behind them,
and they will often wish for
the energy they used to have.

But, what they really want to be is…


The self-inspired appreciate the importance
of EXTERNAL success but what drives them
is the INTERNAL success of doing their best work.
And whether by luck of good parenting
(where they were shown to follow their own path)
or by consciously learning this
through the school of hard knocks
they are deeply connected to
the importance of using INTERNAL
benchmarks of success.

These guys and gals
are very likely to become successful
purely because they happily
and effortlessly THINK about their work
even when they’re not at work.

While the SELF-INSPIRED individual is most often successful,
if they rely too much on their INTERNAL THINKING
they can sometimes create a disconnect with others
and that ends up limiting their outcomes.
If this is the case,
the financial implications can be significant,
and the internal flame may be dampened
by the EXTERNAL financial pressures.
That pressure can, over a longer period,
eventually see them slipping back
to being UNINSPIRED.

But that’s easily fixed too.

Because those who know how to create
self-inspiration have the chance to become…


An INSPIRING individual
has such an INTERNAL
heart-felt connection to what they do
that they can’t help but
light others up along the way.
They focus on FEELING good about what they do
and they effortlessly help others
to FEEL good about what they do too.

Key Focus Points

How to shift to being SELF-INSPIRED
and also INSPIRING!!

you need to focus on your FEELINGS
and what lights you up.
That is, you need to stop THINKING
about what OTHERS want you to do
and you need to start focusing
on what makes YOU FEEL INTERNALLY good.

you need to get back to focusing on your FEELINGS
in order to become more INTERNALLY driven.
Yes, other people’s needs are important,
BUT there’s no use looking after them
if you’re doing it resentfully
or if it’s not sustainable for you.

but not making enough money,
focus on consciously improving
your emotional intelligence
(it will help you to connect to others’ FEELINGS
so you can inspire them to move
in a mutually beneficial direction).

And if you’re INSPIRING…
Well done!!
If you’d like to get clear on what makes you that way
consider speaking to someone (like InspireTribe)
who can assist you to decode your brilliance
so you can pass your knowledge on
far more quickly and far more easily.

All of the above can take a bit of effort
but from my experience and my own journey
(which you can see in the diagram below),
I can tell you, with heartfelt joy, that the journey
and all the effort that it will take
is so very worth it!

Click here to enlarge image

I do hope the above helps you to see a path to follow!
And, if you’d like to fast-track the process just
contact us and ask Trudy for you to book a
Fast-Track Strategy session with me.
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With warmth,