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Category: Inspiration

Mindset: Have you ever NEEDED a Holiday? Avoid that bad feeling with this insight

Looking forward to a holiday and needing one are two very different states. One is healthy (that’s the former one!) and the other is a sign that we’re not on the right track… We’ve missed the signs, Ignored the signs or Seen, heard and felt the signs BUT just couldn’t make the time for a holiday until we…
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Success Seeds 01

Remove the blindfold to step into success

When we don’t have clear idea of where we want to be, we navigate the path to success in life like we have a blindfold on.  Without clear vision even the smallest and most irrelevant obstacles can distract us or stop us dead in our tracks. You see, there are an infinite numbers of potential…
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How to make 2015 a year of Inspired Action

When you’re young you have so much energy. Time seems endless. In fact you’ve got so much time you sometimes feel bored. Remember being bored? It may have been a long time ago! Age brings more responsibility & more ‘to do’s’ It also brings an awareness of the finiteness of time. Our method of deciding…
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