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Creating Meaningful Metrics to Drive Your Success

Creating Meaningful Metrics to Drive Your Success

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Happy December! :).
We’ve just hit the last month of another year.

The time of year where we’re likely to ask ourselves…
“Have I achieved this year all that I’d hoped to?”
And, “What about next year?”

And the answer to this depends on
the metrics we’re using to define our success.

Metrics are defined by Merriam Webster
as “systems or standards of measurement”
usually imposed by others
but also sometimes by ourselves….

The latter two lines
are of great concern to me!
They state that unless we consciously choose otherwise,
driven by the desire of others.

And it’s true.
We are often driven by EXTERNAL metrics
in so many areas of our life.
At work, at school,
by our friends, and our families too.

But here’s the thing…
if we accept the above definition,
and we accept the external metrics
(the metrics others impose on us)
without stopping to check them,
then we end up on a treadmill…
…to meet the expectations of others.

And, if we’re unaware we are doing this,
we eventually drain ourselves.
Because the expectations of others never end!

If you’re on this unconscious treadmill
and you’re EXHAUSTED but happy
then that might be enough for you
(though it’s unlikely to lead you
to the level of success and happiness
that you desire deep down).

But, usually, not even that is the case.
More often than not we’ll end up
trying to meet the needs of others,
at the expense of meeting our own deeper needs.
And so we end up being
Or exhausted AND RESENTFUL.

This is because metrics that are driven by OTHERS
will never be as powerful nor as meaningful
as those driven by ourselves.
Because the metrics of others
satisfy THEIR needs and desires.
It gives THEM energy
And while our needs and desires may be similar
they’ll never be the same.

The IDEAL is
we measure ourselves
by our OWN consciously chosen benchmarks.

When you know how to
consciously choose and prioritise
YOUR OWN standards of measurement,
you learn to drive your personal success
in a way you may have never thought possible.

Suddenly, control is in your hands.
You are living up to your own desires and requirements,
determining your own guidelines
and where you stand in relation to them.

And the result?
When you’ve chosen your metrics well,
the result is ENERGY, JOY and HAPPINESS.
And, feeling them to such a degree
that you have an abundance of them for yourself
enough to share with those around you too!

And this is the power that lies
in creating and tracking meaningful metrics.
They will give you joy & energy,
both of which are fuel
of a truly successful person.

Now, I’m not going to tell you
what your personal metrics should be,
as that’s for you, and only you, to decide.
What I will do is provide some examples
and explain some metrics
that have led to success for others
and that you might like to consider
tracking for yourself.

Don’t add heaps of new metrics to your life
all at once.
Just consider one or two new ones to track.
Then, once you can track those
without consciously thinking about them,
then, look to add a few more.

As you read through the suggestions,
the best way to decide
which metric to next track in your life
would be the one that FEELS
the most exciting,
or the most confronting.

create the meaning in our life.
So, look after your feelings well
and you’ll eventually create
a life full of purpose and meaning.

OK, a few ideas of what to track…

Rest and Relaxation Time

If you’re reading this article,
you probably work hard,
but do you play hard?
And do you rest up adequately after?
As important as it is
to measure your success by your activity levels,
it’s equally important to track your recovery time.

An athlete that is constantly working out
without time to recoup
will continuously tear their muscles,
and limit their potential for growth.
The same goes for workaholics
who don’t set aside a measured allotment of rest time.

Weight Stability & Your Feeling Around It

I’m hesitant to put too much significance on weight
as it is not the be-all-and-end-all of health.
But, how stable your weight is
and your feelings about your weight
are important indicators to consider.
Weight that is very unstable
(regardless of whether it is rising or dropping)
is usually an indication of a personal imbalance.
And that imbalance
will be a hindrance to your success.

And how do you feel about your weight?
Whether your weight is high, low
or somewhere in between
your feelings around it
are of significant importance.
So consider tracking how accepting you are,
about your weight and your overall health levels.
And once you are consistently accepting,
consider tracking how energised you are
about becoming more healthy.
This simple level of awareness
can lead to significant positive shifts.


Do you have many close friends?
How are your relations with family members?
How well do you get along with your neighbours
your colleagues, or the person who scans your groceries?
Do you feel good, overall about your relationships?
Are there many, or maybe just one
that you would like to improve?

No single relationship need to define you.
But any or all of your relationships
can be used as a meaningful metric in your life.
Putting out positive energy and intention
within your relationships
can help to garner support in your life
and build up your personal network
which in turn will make you a more fulfilled person.

So consider tracking how you feel
about the relationships in your life.

Creative Outlets

I hear so many people, day in and day out,
state matter-of-factly
“I’m just not a creative person”.
But, I don’t buy it!
No matter how “left brained” you perceive yourself as,
we all have creative outlets.

That does not just mean painting or crafting.
It can be idea development and output of any kind
cooking food, decorating a room,
coming up with innovative solutions to problems.

A metric you could track
is the amount time you allocate
(outside of work obligations) to create.
How much time do you invest
in letting your mind explore new realms
that you don’t visit on a regular basis?
Increasing the time you spend being creative
strengthens your thinking muscle.

It takes work and energy
to think along the neural pathways less travelled!
But the time is well invested if you are seeking success
because in challenging times,
when you NEED to solve a problem in your life,
you’ll already be match fit
when it comes to creating options to choose from.
These are just a few ideas to consider.

Which of the above metrics do you anticipate
could be most beneficial for you to track?
Which one or two
would you add to your list for the coming year?

Aside from referring to these suggestions
you might also like to try a journaling exercise
where you list all of the ways
that you wish to define success in YOUR life.
Note which areas you currently see as successful,
and which need improvement.
This will help you get a better understanding
of which metrics you should more closely track.

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