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What’s REALLY Holding You Back from Achieving Your Dreams

What’s REALLY Holding You Back from Achieving Your Dreams

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Do you ever feel that you aren’t reaching your goals?
And you’re a long way away from achieving your dreams?
You have them, and you want to reach them but something’s holding you back?

There are many reasons why people do not reach their dreams but let’s not focus on the many, let’s focus on 5 of the most critical reasons – one of which may be your biggest block.

Read through them and pick the ONE that most resonates with you. Work on that one and watch yourself accelerate towards your goals and dreams!

Your Goals are Undefined

Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to get what you want when you don’t actually know what you want. And, even if you did get it, you still wouldn’t be that happy because you never really owned that you wanted it! So, get clear on what you want. Defining your goals is the first step towards making them a reality. Being able to clearly visualise what it is you want makes reaching your goals possible, it makes the journey easier and you’re happier when you finally get there.

You Ask Yourself All the Wrong Questions

Asking questions is critical to your success – they help you to gain the information you need to make better decisions. But the wrong questions at the wrong time can kill your motivation. So, start to notice how your questions are making you feel. Are they propelling you forward or holding you back? If they’re holding you back change them! So, instead of ‘what if this fails’, try asking ‘what would make success more likely?’. If you have the ability to ask yourself questions that help you, you will find yourself starting to accelerate towards your dreams. Focus on asking yourself forward moving questions that give you the energy to reach your goals.

You Procrastinate

Procrastination is simply your feelings telling you that you are not inspired enough to take action. We are thinking and feeling beings and procrastination comes about when the two are not on the same page. Logical individuals suffer from procrastination when their dreams are not inspiring. They’re so busy thinking they ‘should’ do something and they fail to acknowledge that they feel they want to do something else. So, either change the dream or change the way you’re going about it so that it feels easier to take action. If you’re more a ‘feeler’ than a logical thinker, then your thinking will likely be holding you back and in that case the next point will probably assist you.

You Fear Failure

If you dislike making mistakes and you hate making public mistakes then either stop hoping you’ll get to your dreams (that is, own now, that you’re going to fail big time – it’ll save you a lot of angst) OR start getting comfortable with lots of little failures. Why? because, failure is an inevitable step on your journey to success. And if you’re going to achieve your dreams failure is something you need to experience more than once. Failure is proof that you’re trying something new and proof that you are not giving up. Failure is inevitable. So, either plan to fail on going for your dreams or plan to fail on the way to your dreams.

You Expect Too Much too Soon

Achieving your dreams takes time. It’s widely known by entrepreneurs that an overnight success takes seven years. Being impatient and expecting instant results often leaves you feeling discouraged when these dreams or goals are not met as quickly as you would like. Remember that reaching your dreams is a big achievement. Be patient and I look forward to getting your end result.

Accepting that these factors are just a part of the process, you can start working on overcoming them. Once you can do that, there won’t be anything that can stand in your way of achieving your dreams.

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