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Design Your Decade

Design Your Decade

Design Your Decade

Design Your Decade

In mid-February of 2020
I sent the following email out
to a group of people.
Little was I to know
what would happen
just after I hit the send button…!

I think it’s the perfect blog
to post at the start of 2021.

With the benefit of hindsight,
I do hope you enjoy reading it
as much as I enjoyed writing it
and re-reading it after a full-on year.

At the start of a decade
it’s easy to see, feel and believe
that a whole lot is possible.

In 10 years Facebook went from
not existing To over 1.2 billion users.

Airbnb went from inception
to a $30 billion company.

And Uber,
well it had just started
and the taxi industry
still seemed to be a protected realm…!

So much can happen in a decade.
You needn’t create an empire
if you don’t want to
you can and could create
a whole new level of health and vitality
and you would barely need to do
anything different tomorrow
in order for that to be the case.

You could simply make a decision
to start to research
if some foods are better than others,
if exercise is really is as useful
as so many people say it is,
and you might even choose
to spend that year just looking for clues
that might help you find a desire to get fit
if you have not yet felt inspired that way.

In fact,
you could do a whole year of research
and be well on your way
to a stunningly amazing
and wonderfully healthy body
by the end of the decade.

If you made a clear and congruent decision today
and you took just a bit of action on it
just half the time
for the next decade
you could achieve
a wonderful amount of success
in ANY area you choose.

And, even if you’re not sure today
or if a crazy butt virus has changed the world
you could still take
a whole year
to think and feel into
what you might like to achieve in this decade
and then get started at the END of 2021
and you could still achieve
a whole lot of amazingness.

the first year
could be one of disaster,
like your’ve never experienced before
but with all you know
and all you’ve expereined,
in a decade
should you wish to
you could create all you have before
and even more too.

You could write a book
even if you’re not a writer at all today
I know this to be true myself…
I’m an engineer by background
and it’s taken me just over 5 years
to go from rambling
to ranting
to writing
to *almost* completing a book
so in the next 5 years,
I’ll go from being a very avoidant writer
to an author.

In a decade
you could find yourself,
get to know yourself
heal yourself
and, if you wanted to,
you could even fall madly in love with yourself
(in a healthy kind of way).
you could find a lover,
leave a lover,
repair a relationship,
or take one to a whole new level.

You could, if you wanted to,
totally change
the way you think,
speak and act.
You could totally upgrade
he way you connect with others
and become a person
you only dreamt of 10 years earlier.

A decade can start off
really, really badly,
you can lose all that you’ve created
in the previous decade or two.

But with some solid focus
and the desire to finish it differently
that tough start can end up
propelling you further
emotionally, physically, spiritually
and even financially
then you would otherwise have gone

You could be the person
to easily recreate everything they had lost
because this time
you will have had
a decade (or more) of the learning experience
under your belt, as you start.

If you’re starting off
from a solid position as of today
then in a decade
you could make a significant and worldwide impact
if you really believed you could
and if you started thinking about
what you wanted to do,
how you were going to do it
and who you would need to become
in order to make that happen.

A decade is a wonderful period of time
you can experience so much
do so much, learn so much
make and recover from so many mistakes
and so many unexpected situations.

A year is a short period of time
that can get unexpectedly
swallowed up and spat out
in the game of life.
[Enter: COVID19…!!!]

But, a decade…
a decade is a big open space
that you can fill with
anything you like.

2020 was the start of a new decade.
While it was a rough start for most,
I encourage you to notice
that there are 9 years left
to make this decade
into one that you love.

(And then,
worst, worst case,
2021 could be the start
of a whole new decade too!
So if you like,
you can take all that you learned last year
and start a whole new fresh decade
as of today.)

Either way,
no matter how this decade may have started
I encourage you
to enjoy making this decade… look up and look ahead with joy
because no matter your starting point
if you have some idea
of where you want to go
(even if it’s as vague as
“I do NOT want to be here!!”)
then if you have a seed of desire
and you choose to nurture it
I am 100% sure
you will be able to create
an amazing reality for yourself
over the coming 10 years.

And, the best part is
that if you flow into this decade
an enjoy the journey
of trying to become the person
you need to become
to happily create what you want to create
then even if
you missed your ideal outcome
in ten years time
you’ll still have had a great decade.

In the coming decade,
it’s YOUR decade
to do whatever you wish with.

I’d love to hear about your plans
if you’re open to sharing them with me.
And let me know
of any hiccups along the way
as I’ll happily write an article for you
or guide you to one that may just assist.

With warmth,
Nikk Hughes