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Why EQ beats IQ, hands down. The Maths of Emotional Intelligence

Why EQ beats IQ, hands down. The Maths of Emotional Intelligence

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The Maths of Emotional Intelligence

I used to think logic
was the be all and end all.

I used to think that what I knew
was far more important than how I felt.

EQ or EI Training?
“It’s sort of important”
I used to think.

Because truth be known,
deep down I used to truly believe
the rigour of logic trumped
the fluffiness of feeling,
every time.

Emotional Intelligence was for people
who didn’t know how to control themselves.
That’s what I thought.

I now understand
how far off base I was.
And a simple formula is all it took
to really make it clear to me.

There are many studies confirming
our intelligence is just 3% conscious
and 97% unconscious.

Knowing that,
if we dissect our intelligence
and look at it simply:

The 3% that’s conscious includes
our Logic,
our Head,
our Brain,
our Analysis
and our THINKING.

The 97% that’s unconscious includes
our Creativity,
our Body,
our Heart & Gut,
our Intuition,
and our FEELINGS.

So if our intelligence level was at 100 points
Then 3% of those 100 points
would be conscious,
And 97% would be unconscious.

That is,
3 points would be Thinking based
97 points would be Feeling based.

3pts   +   97pts   =  100 points
thinking    feeling     intelligence
So, what area
should we focus on improving?…

Well, if we double our ability
to use our conscious
THINKING based intelligence
the numbers would look like this:

3 x 2 + 97 = 103 points

But, if we doubled our ability
to use our unconscious
FEELING based intelligence
the numbers would look like this:

3 + 97 x 2 = 197 points!

Now, I’m a very logical person.
I love to KNOW what I’m doing.

But when I looked at this
I got really clear
really quickly
that the fastest way to know more
is to learn how to work well
with my feelings.

In fact it’s about 30 times more effective.

When I was focusing on improving
my ability to think
it was like playing  songs on my phone
and turning the volume up as loud as I could.

But when I started focusing on improving
my emotional intelligence
it was like connecting my iPhone
to a massive set of speakers
and then hitting the play button.

[Queue Fireworks!] It was an explosion of energy.
No comparison.

And here’s the most exciting bit.
I don’t believe there’s an end point.

Because once we have the basics
of how to consciously work with
the unconscious side of our intelligence,
once we have the structure
of how to get the two workings well together,
our emotional intelligence
can go from low to good,
from good to great,
then from great to amazing,
and on and on.

I know (and I feel) that if we learn how to work
with our thinking and feeling
then the sky is the limit.

With warmth,

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