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Why always finding Silver Linings is dangerous for your health. And what to do about it.

Why always finding Silver Linings is dangerous for your health. And what to do about it.

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Finding Silver Linings is dangerous for your health

When we look for the silver lining,
we look for the good in a bad situation.

If you’re good at finding silver linings
I encourage you to check if they fit the Platinum benchmark.

I say this because
I made the mistake in my earlier years
of always settling for silver linings.

I was the master
at finding the positive aspects
in negative situations.

Someone was rude to me.
The silver lining:
I got the opportunity to take the high road.

Someone took more than their fair share.
The silver lining:
I got to practice forgiveness.

The trouble was
I ended up getting tired
feeling resentful
and eventually, quite cynical…

I’d had enough of changing myself.
I’d had enough of taking the higher road.
What about everyone else doing a bit of that!
When we look for a Platinum Lining
we’re looking for the good in a bad situation
and we check to make sure that it FEELS good too.

Logically I could find a number of silver linings
in every negative situation.
The trouble was
often they didn’t FEEL good to me.

And because they didn’t feel good
the situation on the whole
felt better but not good.
Lighter but still draining at some level.

Your associate has a joke at your expense
that’s ok, you can move past it
you’re a grown up.
But there’s a small cost to taking that path.

And therefore you’re still investing
a bit of energy
into those old silver linings.
It’s a bit like leaving a TV on standby.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal
and it’s not
until you’ve got to the 100th (or even the 1,000th)
of those little energy drainers.

And then it becomes
like having a bucket of water with pin holes in it.
It won’t happen quickly
but eventually you will have an empty bucket.

And when the water is you’re energy
and your vitality
letting it drain away is dangerous to your health.
Your immune system becomes compromised
and your body feels the stress and strain
of running under less than optimal conditions.

And numerous studies have confirmed
the cost of these negative stresses to our health.

Over the past 5 years
I have committed to always finding
a Platinum Lining.

They’re just like silver linings
but in order to qualify for the upgrade
they must also FEEL good too.

So, just like a square is a rectangle
but a rectangle is not necessarily a square
a platinum lining can be seen as a silver lining too
but the reverse is not necessarily true.

Finding platinum linings can sometimes
take a bit of brain power
and a bit of thinking time.

But that small investment
returns freed up energy from that day forward
And therefore it’s more than worth it.

I encourage you to make the small shift
of committing to finding the Platinum Linings.
You’re body will thank you for it.
And you’ll have the energy
to create the success you desire.

With warmth,

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